Administrative Advocacy and Lobbying for Citizen-Advocates with Jillian Heaviside & Mashayla Hays, JD

Navigating any system of government can be intimidating and time-consuming. This workshop aims to de-mystify some government policy-making processes and make clear that policy-making is accessible to anyone. Attendees will learn the basics of administrative rule-making and legislative advocacy. We will also examine two case studies illustrating how attendees can effectively influence administrative and legislative processes.

Becky in the Classroom: Enhancing White Female Accountability in Sex Education with Bryce Komaroff, MEd & Lindsey Cain, MEd

Are you a white female sexuality educator? The odds are pretty good that you are. We considerably outnumber women of color and men in the sexuality education field. You might be thinking ‘well, does that even really matter?’ It does. It really does. Come join us, let’s talk about it.

Lessons Learned & then Reworked: Customers, Communities & Current Trends with Catherine Dukes, PhD, MSW & Christopher Moore, LSSGB

How do you know if your lesson plan is relevant? The challenge is in identifying opportunities and knowing what to change and when to do it. This workshop reviews adaptations, best practices from contemporary curricula authors, case studies of mistakes made and skill-practice to adapt a lesson for your community.

Queer! LGBTQ – Specific Sex Ed with Laura Gardiner & Finn Kovi

Tired of heteronormative sex education curriculum? Come find out what it means to deliver LGBTQ-specific sex education that meets the real needs of youth. We will address current research, tackle real life scenarios, and provide you with tools to take back to your communities.

Reflection, Expression, Connection, and Change: Integrating Photovoice in Sexuality Education with Lauren Lichty, PhD, & Emily Parks

Photovoice, a participatory action research method, combines individual reflection, photography, and critical group dialogue to support empowerment, insight, connection, and action. This active-learning workshop will bring the paper ‘Shifting Lenses to Deepen Reflection and Connection in Human Sexuality Education’ published in the American Journal of Sexuality Education to life.

Role of LatinX Sexuality in Media: Understanding Portrayals of the Sexuality of LatinX Characters on TV with Galo Cunto & Zeena Hazuri

Through an exploration of popular media, this presentation aims to examine the way in which LatinX characters are placed in categories to illustrate stereotypes about sex, sexuality, and relationships. The workshop will use clips from popular television shows to discuss and demystify stories that reinforce LatinX cultural stereotypes.

Symposium: Research in Sexuality Education (Part 1), with Elizabeth Talmont, MSN, ANP-BC & DJ Angelone, PhD

This symposium will feature academics and practitioners developing innovative methods to support educational professionals in both evaluating and providing sex education. In this session, participants will learn how to use current research to facilitate both their professional development and their educational curriculum. There are three such symposia, each covering different topics. Participants are welcome to attend one, two, or all three parts.

  • Evaluating a New Application for Teaching Sexual History Taking to Medical Students: Innovation and Evaluation In The UFaceMe Program, with Michael Ross, PhD, MD, MPH
  • Evaluating the Impact of #metoo Facebook Posts on Male Perception of the Lived Experience of Women in America, with Emma Kaywin
  • Examining the Impact of a Gamified Sexuality Education Curriculum across Gender, with Kim Hartzler-Weakley, MS, PhD
  • Genital Herpes Disclosure: Integrating Research Results into the Sex Ed Curriculum, with Jaime Myers, MPH, PhD

Teaching Comprehensive Special Education to People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities with Mandy Doyle MA, Certifed SpEd Teacher & Daysiree Perez

Learn to teach sexuality education to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Co-taught by a special educator and a trainer with a disability, this hands-on training is designed to teach you effective, trauma informed, and differentiated activities to use in the field for a variety of needs and abilities.

The #MeToo Movement: Exploring Cross-Cultural Responses to Sexual Violence and Harassment with Randi Smith, MSW, PhD & Ryan Moses

The #MeToo movement in the U.S. has echoed around the world, including in India, where its reverberations have combined with other social protests against sexual violence. Presenters will use this specific cross-cultural comparison-India and USA-to demonstrate how definitions of and responses to sexual violence/harassment vary by culture.

The Room Where It Happens: Teachable Moments from ‘Hamilton’ with Tanya Bass MS, CHES & Bill Taverner MS, CSE

Feeling young, scrappy and hungry? The smash hit ‘Hamilton’ presents opportunities to discuss consent, gender, infidelity, and orientation. Participants will learn to use the lyrics as a springboard for important conversations about sexual health. Do not throw away your shot to teach music literacy!

Use Small Comms for Big Results in Sex Education with Erin McKelle

Do you ever scroll through your social media feed, wishing and wondering when you’ll attract thousands of followers? Feel stuck when trying to reach other educators? Take your organization’s sex ed strategy to new heights by learning how to make your process more efficiently, rather than increasing capacity (Staff of one? No problem!), as well as how to work in collaboration when your team is separated by distance.

Vaginas and Periods 101: Teaching Youth About Their Bodies in a Fun and Approachable Way with Kristen Lilla  LCSW, CST, CSE, CSTS & Christian Hoeger, LMHP

Vaginas and Periods 101 will be an interactive workshop complete with a reading of Vaginas and Periods 101: A Pop-Up Book. The authors will discuss the details of why they chose to create a pop-up book on this subject and the process of writing and funding a sex education book. The workshop will also discuss other fun ways to teach youth about vaginas, and periods, in ways that are engaging

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