Friday, December 8th – 9:00 – 10:00 AM

  • 13 Reasons Why Not? with Sally Manneh & Tazmine Weisgerber, BS

    This workshop aims to address social & emotional barriers as it pertains to communicating with adults and peers. More specifically, it will use the Netflix Series “13 Reasons Why,” Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook &/or Instagram to explore how media can play an important role in our lives. The goal of the workshop is to remind us that communication does matter and there are resources available to help.

    Assessing and Building Your Organization’s Readiness for Trauma-Informed Systems Change, with Steven Brown, PsyD

    The experience of a trauma is so pervasive it’s been called a public health epidemic. The burgeoning trauma- informed care movement challenges organizations to transform their systems to be responsive to trauma survivors. But, what how can organizations assess and build their readiness to make true systems change? This participatory workshop explores these critical questions.

    Consent: What’s Empathy got to do With it? with Melanie Lucash, MPH

    If there’s one thing I want students to take away from sexuality education, it’s not the newest birth control method or what the epididymis does – it’s empathy! Teaching empathic communication is a crucial part of relevant, nuanced lessons about consent. This workshop will armor you with innovative activities, useful strategies, and delightful games that will make you and your students empathy experts! Join me for a workshop on sex, dating, and #allthefeels.

    Creating, Maintaining, and Repairing Safe Spaces: Skills for Facilitators and Educators, with Haylin Belay

    An educator’s top responsibility is creating safe environment for learning – especially when the topic is as personal (and political) as sex. Committed to queer-inclusive, antiracist, class-aware, fetish-friendly sex ed? Come learn how to set community standards, model inclusive language, and respond to problematic comments.

    Encouraging Kids to Play on Their Phones: Planned Parenthood Digital Sex Education Tools, with Nicole Levitz, MPH

    Instant and text messaging. Online games and quizzes. Apps and videos. Give youth what they want using digital sex education tools developed by Planned Parenthood Federation of America. This workshop provides an overview of the tools, including the science behind them and lesson plans to use them in the classroom.

    Fire It Up! Nine Elements of Sexual Empowerment to Meet Diverse, Real-World Needs of Adults & Teens, with Amy Jo Goddard

    Discover 9 elements of sexual empowerment with multiplicitous inroads for exploring sexual power and agency that you can chunk down or build up to help people transform their sexuality. Learn to address complex sexual needs with a model for sexual empowerment you can use in creative ways and adapt for teens.

    Overview of Human Sexuality/Sexuality 101, with Wayne Pawlowski, MSW, LICSW, AASECT

    Many sexuality educators have never had a comprehensive human sexuality course and others took that course a long time ago. This session will present a comprehensive overview of human sexuality including the current understanding/definitions of sexual orientation and gender identity as well the differentiation among sexual orientation, sexual behavior and sexual identity. Whether an educator wants a review or to confirm what they understand is still true, this is the workshop for you.

    PrEParing and PEPping Youth for HIV Prevention! with Anthony Santella, DrPH MCHES & Spring Cooper, PhD

    This workshop will introduce human service professionals and middle and high school health and science teachers about two important biomedical HIV prevention strategies (PrEP and PEP) and how to incorporate basic information about them in their HIV and sexual health lesson plans.

    Sex on the Farm: Approaching Sexuality Education in Rural America, with Lauren Zimmerman-Meade, MA, Hannah Lee, & Nicole Sheitz

    This workshop will address the challenges surrounding sexuality education in rural communities, including gaining entry to these groups that operate more like a “family” than a typical community. Best practices and strategies that allow our agency to create long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with leaders and school officials will be shared.

    Taking Sides: Discussing Controversial Issues in the Sex Ed Classroom, with Tracie Gilbert, MSEd, MEd & Jayleen Galarza, PhD

    Drawing from the topics covered in the 14th Edition of Taking Sides, this workshop will help sex educators better understand and discuss current controversies in the field of human sexuality. Additionally, participants will learn strategies that take an intersectional approach to pedagogy while centering marginalized students in sexuality education lessons.

    The American Journal of Sexuality Education: A Year in Review (Symposium), with Bill Taverner, MA, CSE

    This workshop will summarize the past year’s research, scholarly commentary and lesson plans published in the American Journal of Sexuality Education. Participants will examine the significance of recently published, peer-reviewed articles and discuss implications for their own work.

      • “There is no Moral They Can Teach Us”: Adolescents’ Perspectives on School-Based Sexuality Education in a Semi-Urban Southwestern District, Nigeria, with Chidimma Aham-Chiabuotu
      • “Facebook Official,” “Hooking Up,” “Friends with Benefits”: Decoding the Terminology, Relationship Status, and Sexual Behaviors of Female College Students to Best Target Health Needs, with Alice Richman & Phyllis Adams
      • Does First Sex Really “Just Happen?” A Retrospective Exploratory Study of Sexual Debut Among American Adolescents, with Lisa Lieberman & Samantha Kwiatkowski
      • Keep It Simple: A Lesson in Linking Teens to Health Care, with Alexandra Eisler
      • Sexting and Sexuality in Romantic Relationships Among Latina/o Emerging Adults, with Donna Castañeda
      • Sexual Health Education in Massage Therapy Programs: A Survey of Program Directors, with Brian Zamboni & Dale Healey
      • Sexual Health Transformation Among College Student Educators in an Arts-Based HIV Prevention Intervention: A Qualitative Cross-Site Analysis, with Shannon Dunlap & Arianna Taboada
      • The American Journal of Sexuality Education: A Year in Review, with Bill Taverner, MA, CSE

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