Edutainment: Incorporating Podcasting and Social Media into Sexuality Education, with Spring Cooper, PhD, & Andrew Porter, PhD

This workshop will teach you how to practically involve edutainment (or educational entertainment) into your sexuality lesson plans. We will discuss easy to implement strategies that appeal to digital natives that help to extend sexuality conversations outside of the classroom. Come join the creators of The Sex Wrap podcast for inspiration and an edutaining session.

Making The Most Out Of Casual Connections, with Adam Maurer, LMFT, LPC, & Ryan Dillon, LPC

Every day, folx log on to dating apps in hopes of finding others to connect with, but what do people truly want out of their casual connections and how do they achieve it? This workshop will help folx better understand how to process what they want, how to communicate their expectations and boundaries with potential partners, and ways to do this all safely.

My Body is Poetry, with Calvin Early

My Body is Poetry is an interactive creative writing session designed to provide participants a process for sharing the unique story of the skin they live in. Participants will learn about the power of storytelling as a tool for empowering themselves and others.

Preschoolers, Private Parts and Playmates: Sexual Behavior in Young Children, with Amy Lang

Preschoolers are naturally curious about bodies — their friends’ and their own. They also love potty talk and aren’t shy about nudity. When you know what kinds of sexual behaviors in young children are typical and common and how to talk with parents about it, everyone is safer. It’s easier to understand when a child needs help when you know what’s healthy, instead of focusing on trauma. Lively, engaging and informative this is the missing piece in most sex educators’ tool kits.

Teaching Young People Simplified Oppression Theory to Better Understand Consent & Sexual Harassment, with Kenny Shults

It is not enough to tell young people what they should and should not do when it comes to consent and sexual discrimination. They must understand the historical underpinnings of these issues, and the institutional roots of sexism, gender discrimination, and sexual violence. This workshop will give participants a set of tools they can use to lay the groundwork for educating young people in ways that impact knowledge, attitudes and ultimately behaviors.

The Universe Model of Gender, with Liat Wexler

Spectrum models of gender are inaccurate and lack nuance. There are concerns about other commonly used models such as the Genderbread Person and Gender Unicorn. Learn a different model that locates gender in a 3-dimensional space to better describe non-binary identities and that pairs with gender boxes to teach SOGIE.

What’s the ‘A’ Again? Valuing Asexuality in Sexuality Education, with Angie Foster-Lawson

Even the alphabet acronym (LGBTQIA+) suggests that asexuality is prioritized last when teaching for sexual diversity. Asexual individuals are often dehumanized and removed from conversations of human sexuality. This 60-minute workshop introduces asexuality and provides recommendations for asexual-inclusive language and practice, in order to educate with asexuality in mind.

You Gotta Eat the Booty: Examining the Taboos around Sexuality and Pleasure in the Black Community, with Christina Wright, MPH

There is an enormous amount of silence about sex that has shaped the lives of black people for many years. The purpose of this workshop is to explore cultural taboos that exist in the black community surrounding sexuality and pleasure. This session will discuss and examine how these taboos affect their current sex lives.

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