Accessible Sex Ed: Creating Inclusive Classrooms for Exceptional Learners, with Isabella Weber, MPH & Stacey Rosenberg, MEd, MSW

All people need full and accurate information about healthy relationships and sexuality. So, how do we ensure our sex ed lessons meet the needs of all learners? In this interactive training, participants will explore challenges for sex ed in special ed, and practice skills for adapting curricula and creating an inclusive sex ed environment for students of all abilities.

Date Night for Parents: Sex Education for Kids, with Sameera Qureshi, MSOT

Parents should be the primary sex educators for their children, given that questions and situations involving sexual health may arise early in a child’s life. Navigating such conversations is often deemed challenging and awkward, but it doesn’t have to be! Using an interactive and fun – yes, fun! – approach on a ‘date-night’ (aka three-hour intensive workshop!), parents can learn developmentally appropriate and natural approaches to educating their children about sexual health.

Hand Condoms: Unsung Heroes of Protection, with Roni Wiener

Become a gloves advocate: Learn why people rarely use them and how to help change that! Condoms are just not enough. Inclusive sex ed means teaching about protection for diverse activities and participants. When should you talk about gloves? How can you make them sexy? How do you take them off? And why do you need gloves in different colors? Join us for some fun with gloves and practical guidance for including this information in your lesson plans.

Honoring the Past, Building the Future: Lessons from Three Generations of Sexuality Educators, with Emma Kaywin, Michael Carrera, EdD, & Sari Locker, PhD

Sexuality educators can enhance their training by using a multigenerational lens, refining knowledge by gaining information from established mentors and newcomers. Presenters who began in the field decades apart will discuss the evolution of sex education needs and methods. Participants will share experiences about learning in our ever-changing field.

If, When, How? Reproductive Decision Making: A Psycho-Social Approach to Sex Education, with Aurelie Athan, PhD

Participants will be introduced to the emerging theoretical concept of reproductive identity formation and its relationship to sexual health behaviors and practices. Intentionality will be introduced as an integral, yet often overlooked, psycho-social dimension of sex and pre-conception education, using the ‘If, When, and How’ framework, an innovative approach to traditional pregnancy prevention and family planning.

Mile-High Consent: How to Talk about Safer Sex like a Flight Attendant, with Mia Barrett, MEd

This workshop will provide a new fun way of thinking about safer sex conversations and consent. This model provides educators with a guide to illustrate the importance of discussing safer sex with sexual partners using the metaphor of the in-flight safety speech.

Sex Education 24/7: Leveraging Chatbot Technology to Answer Teens’ Questions Online, with Julia Bennett

Planned Parenthood Federation of America is leveraging new technologies to support and expand on in-person sex education. Come meet Roo, our new sexual health chatbot, and learn about its development, design and experience, as well as learnings about teens’ answer-seeking behavior and capabilities of artificial intelligence to address teens’ needs.

*Note: This session is not eligible for CEs.

SexPods and SexTapes: Using Digital Tools in the classroom, with Nancy Daley-Moore, PhD, CPH, CHES

At times, it can be difficult to incorporate engaging assignments that increase students’ knowledge and skill sets Videos and podcasts could be one way sex educators can spice up course assignments. This workshop will explore how videos and podcasts were incorporated into a college human sexuality course. Workshop participants will get to create story boards and scripts and see how they could incorporate these projects into their own classrooms.

Understanding Sexual Experiences of African American Women: The Naked Truth, with Ashley Townes, MPH

This workshop will present a lesson plan for sexuality educators. The lesson plan will cover information learned from a nationally representative sample, including an oversample of African American women related to their sexual experiences.

What Constitutes “Having Sex”? If we don’t know or can’t agree, how will our students know?, with Wayne Pawlowski, MSW, LICSW, AASECT

American adults cannot agree on what it means to ‘have sex’ which raises the question, ‘Can sexuality educators agree on what it means?’ Experience suggests we cannot. So, where does this leave our students? This session will help educators develop their own definitions to use in their class rooms.

Symposium: Research in Sexuality Education (Part 2), with Elizabeth Talmont, MSN, ANP-BC & DJ Angelone, PhD

This symposium will feature academics and practitioners developing innovative methods to support educational professionals in both evaluating and providing sex education. In this session, participants will learn how to use current research to facilitate both their professional development and their educational curriculum. There are three such symposia, each covering different topics. Participants are welcome to attend one, two, or all three parts.

  • SER Hispano: Stress, Resiliency, and Sexual Health: An Exploratory Review on Data Collector Perceptions of Subject Reactions, with Maralis Mercado Emerson & Michelle Carreño
  • Sexual Empowerment? Interrogating Adolescent Girls’ sexual agency in Neoliberal Times, with Deborah Tolman EdD, MS
  • Sexual Health Educators Supporting Routine HIV Screening in Primary Care, with Charles Senteio, PhD, MSW, MBA, & Ann Bagchi, PhD, DNP

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