“I’ll Take Nipples for 1000, Alex”: The Use of Games in the Human Sexuality Classroom, with Martha Rosenthal, PhD

Participants will learn about the benefits and challenges of using games as a pedagogical tool, play a number of games designed for the human sexuality classroom, discuss the use of games as an assessment tool, and create a game to use in your own educational setting.

Creating Gender-Inclusive Schools, with Jonathan Skurnik

Jonathan Skurnik, director of The Youth & Gender Media Project, will screen award-winning short films about creating inclusive school environments for transgender and gender-fluid youth. The workshop will inspire and empower educators and healthcare providers to enhance their school’s inclusiveness and provide them with resources to do the work effectively.

Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Coercion and Reproductive Coercion Among Adolescents, with Diana Robinson & Amy Smuro, MAT

This workshop will provide attendees with an overall understanding of adolescent (ages 10-19) intimate partner violence as it relates to sexual and reproductive coercion, prevalence, its effects, and prevention/intervention strategies for education professionals. Resources include hotlines, websites, tool kits, lesson plans, and other educational materials, some which may be used for dissemination and replication. This workshop incorporates a presentation, activities, and guided discussions.

STI’s in the Latinx Community: Stereotypes, Machismo, and Intersections, with Zeena Hazuri

This workshop will explore the role that Latinx culture plays when it comes to the community’s risk for Sexually Transmitted infections. During the session, we will look at how the concept of machismo may affect a person’s risk for STI’s. We will unpack common stereotypes about the Latinx community that will help us to provide culturally responsive services to clients.

Liberating Sex Ed: Incorporating an Anti-Oppression Lens in Sex Education, with Kimberly Huggins, MPH & Brittany Brathwaite, MSW, MPH

Many young people who belong to marginalized groups are at high risk for adverse sexual health outcomes. By applying an anti-oppressive framework in sex education, we can acknowledge and resist the intersecting oppressions of racism, classism, sexism, and ageism impact on the sexual health of young people.

It Takes a Village: Facilitating Support Groups for Individuals Diagnosed with HIV, with Brittany Pollard, PhD & Joel Diambra, EdD, LPC

After this workshop, participants will be able to demonstrate an understanding of issues commonly faced by newly diagnosed individuals, allowing them to provide more effectively tailored services.

My Mom’s a Cat: Discussing LGBT Families in the Classroom, with Kristen Lilla, LCSW, CST, CSE & Christian Hoeger, LMHP, MA, EdM

Seeking a way to talk about same-sex families with elementary age students? Published in Orientation: Teaching about Identity, Attraction, and Behavior, this workshop offers a tangible lesson, discussion questions, and an interactive worksheet for sex educators to be able to engage with students. In an effort to make the lesson applicable to youth of all backgrounds, the workshop encourages educators to discuss non-traditional families as a means of recognizing various household infrastructures.

Sex and Disability – We Must Do Better, with Kristin Freeman, BS & Erica Klang, BA

The disabled/crip community has been left out of sexuality education; really, sex in general (education, porn, accessibility, etc.). As educators committed to making sexuality education inclusive, it’s time to do better. Learn how the disabled/crip community is working towards fair and accurate representation and how you can be part of that change.

International Symposium, with Sara Nasserzadeh, PhD DipPST

Join the international symposium for a glimpse at innovative sex education around the globe. Participants will hear from sex educators from various parts of the world in this brand new workshop.

    • Attitudes Toward and Processes of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Turkey, with Rayka Kumru
    • Historical Overview of Sex Education in India: From Pleasure-Based to Harm-Reduction, with Sabitha Pillai-Friedman
    • Sexuality Education in Spain, with Eva Gonzalez (Spain)
    • Sexuality Education within Middle East and North Africa: An overview, with Sara Nasserzadeh
    • Adapting US sexuality education materials for Latines and people from Latin America, with Lorena Olvera
    • Understanding the Sexual Diversity Verses Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Kenya, with Daniel Peter Olwango & Abdussalem Kassim

The Technology of Sex, with Nancy Daley-Moore, PhD, CPH, CHES & Kathryn King, CPE

This workshop will focus on discussing the use of technology in sexual relationships. During this workshop, participants will be explore the good and bad associated with using technology (emojis, texts, and social media) to talk about sex and the different ways sexual health educators can help college students incorporate texting and emojis in a safe and positive way.

Understanding Opposition to Sex Education: California in 2017, with Lisa Andersen, MA, PhD & Abigail Karlin-Resnick, MBA

What concerns animate sex education’s opponents? How should sex educators respond? Workshop participants will familiarize themselves with the claims made in parent-generated petitions, school-board meetings, and press reports. Facilitators will then share their recent experiences in California’s ostensibly-progressive suburbs, offering some practical advice.

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