Conference History

  • The National Sex Ed Conference has a long and amazing history of keynote speakers. Included here are the names of those speakers and the titles of their keynotes. (See the National Sex Ed Conference’s historic award winners in our Sex Ed Hall of Fame!)

    2019 Keynote Speakers

    • Jo Schladale: From Trauma to Triumph: Learning How to Celebrate Sexuality after Adverse Experiences
    • Stephanie Zapata: Pulling Out & Leaning In: Unpacking the Heteronormative and White Supremacist Culture in Sex Education
    • Monique Howard:Connecting the Dots – The Relationship Between #MeToo and Sexuality Education

    2017 Keynote Speakers

    • Laura Lindberg: Is it time to close the book on sex education?
    • Joycelyn Elders: A Townhall Meeting
    • Steve Brown: 25 Years of Streetwise to Sexwise
    • Ruth Westheimer: A Fireside Chat
    • S. Bear Bergman: Sex and the Very Serious Trans Person
    • Donna Oriowo: White Unless Otherwise Specified: Colorblind Sexuality in a World of Living Color
    • Pam Wilson: Sex Education through Lifecycle: A Memoir

    2016 Keynote Speakers

    • Evelyn Kappeler: Driving Outcomes: Building the Case for Evidence in Teen Pregnancy Prevention
    • Jaclyn Friedman: You Can’t Have One Without the Other: Responsible Sex Education & Rape Prevention
    • Fransisco Ramirez: Hacking Sex Ed: Thwarting Threats to Human Rights
    • Adam Thompson: HIV & AIDS: PrEPing Sexuality Educators for New Conversations
    • James Wadley: #BlackSexualLivesMatter

    2015 Keynote Speakers

    • Cindy Lee Alves, Marlene Pray, and Trina Scott: Racial Justice: Solidarity Statement 2.0
    • Kirsten deFur: Consent: So Simple, Yet Oh So Very Complicated
    • Laci Green: Meeting Young People Where They Are – On YouTube!
    • Marty Klein: America’s War on Sex
    • World Association for Sexual Health: Sara Nasserzadeh, Eusebio Rubio, and Kevan Wylie: Sex Ed Around the World
    • A selection of videos from 2015 keynotes and award winners!

    2014 Keynote Speakers

    • Megara Bell and Bryan Flaherty: Mythbusters (with prizes!)
    • Carolyn Cooperman: Revolutionary Changes: Sex Ed in the Digital Age
    • Jane Fonda: Jane Fonda on Being a Teen
    • Debby Herbenick: Sex, Love, Intimacy, and Orgasm: Integrating Sex Ed and New Findings from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior
    • Ileana Jiménez: Creating Safe and Inclusive Schools for LGBT Youth Locally and Globally
    • David Satcher: The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Promote Sexual Health and Responsible Sexual Behavior
    • A selection of videos from 2014 keynotes and award winners!

    2013 Keynote Speakers

    • Heather Corinna: Don’t Fear the Router: How the Internet Can Save Sex Ed
    • Debra W. Haffner: Snapshots & Lessons From a Life in Sexuality Education
    • Sam Killermann: The Genderbread Person: Breaking Through the Binary
    • Trina Scott: Let’s Talk: A Candid Conversation about Sex Ed and the Dimensions of Racial Diversity
    • Al Vernacchio: For Goodness Sex! Reframing Sexuality Education

    2012 Keynote Speakers

    • Joycelyn Elders: Sex Ed and the Nations
    • Barbara Huberman: The National Standards for Sexuality Education
    • Deborah Roffman, Jessica Danforth, Melanie Davis, & Mary Jo Podgurski (Keynote Panel): Sex Ed Everywhere
    • Eric Schoenberg: Hot or Not? The Psychology of Sexual Decision-Making
    • Bill Taverner & Susan Milstein: Teaching Safer Sex: The Next Generation

    2011 Keynote Speakers

    • Peggy Brick: Older, Wiser, Sexually Smarter: From Ageist Stereotypes to New Expectations
    • Koustuv Dalal, Jessica Ezekiel-Hart, Jennifer Walsh, Julie Wilgen, & Christie Winkelmann (Keynote Panel): Sex Ed Around the World
    • Robie Harris: It STILL Perfectly Normal
    • Amy Kramer: Not Your Mother’s Sex Ed: Using MTV’s ’16 and Pregnant’ as a Teaching Tool
    • Christian Thrasher: A Call to Action to Promote Sexual Health Throughout the Lifespan

    2010 Keynote Speakers

    • Paul Joannides: The Conversations We Are NOT Having with Our Teens and Pre-Teens
    • Bill Taverner: New Technologies, New Opportunities! Technology as an Ally in Sex Ed
    • Leslie Walker-Hirsch: The Facts of Life…and More: Meaningful Sexuality Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

    2009 Keynote Speakers

    • Ashley Generallo, Allyson Sendak, and Bill Taverner: What’s So Funny? Using Humor to Teach Sex Ed

    2008 Keynote Speakers

    • Melissa Keyes DiGioia and Jessica Shields: Games, Games, Games!!!

    2007 Keynote Speakers

    • Elizabeth Schroeder and Bill Taverner: State of the (Sex Ed) Nation

    2006 Keynote Speakers

    • Bill Smith: Turning the Corner: Has “Abstinence-Only” Had Its Day?
    • Bill Taverner: Making Sense of Abstinence
    • Teen Editors of Sex, Etc. (Keynote Panel): Make Abstinence a Choice, Not a Requirement

    2005 Keynote Speakers

    2004 Keynote Speaker

    • Judy Kuriansky: Dr. Judy

    2003 Keynote Speakers (none)

    2002 Keynote Speaker

    • Joan O’Leary (Spring conference): Teens and Sex in Europe: A Story of Rights, Respect, and Responsibility
    • Elizabeth Schroeder (Fall conference): CTRL-ALT-DELETE: Recharging Sex Ed with Effective, New Approaches and Strategies

    2001 Keynote Speaker

    • Don Dyson (Spring conference): To Share or Not to Share? A Sensitive Question
    • Video presentation (Fall conference): Teens and Sex in Europe: A Story of Rights, Respect, and Responsibility

    2000 Keynote Speakers

    • Judith E. Steinhart (Spring conference): Credibility and Caring: Sexuality Education from the Heart
    • Tamara Kreinin (Fall conference): Envisioning Healthy Sexuality: How Do We Get There?

    1999 Keynote Speakers

    • Robert Selverstone (Spring conference): Love Education: What’s Sex Got To Do With It?
    • Judith E. Steinhart (Fall conference): Credibility and Caring: Sexuality Education from the Heart

    1998 Keynote Speaker

    • Robert Selverstone: Love Education: What’s Sex Got To Do With It?

    1997 Keynote Speakers

    • Wayne Pawlowski
    • Sharon Thompson

    1996 Keynote Speakers

    • Maggi Boyer
    • Wayne Pawlowski

    1995 Keynote Speakers

    • Peggy Brick
    • Randy Grauerholz, Anna Kostowitz, Diane Pearson, Jhon Velasco, & Louise Yohalem (Keynote Panel)
    • Rosalind Petchesky

    1994 Keynote Speakers

    1993 Keynote Speakers

    • Leslie Kantor & William Firestone
    • Myriam Miedzian

    1992 Keynote Speakers

    1991 Keynote Speaker

    • Joseph Giordano

    1990 Keynote Speaker

    • Robert Selverstone

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