Altar the Talk: Lessons Learned from Sex Education in Religious Communities, with Ruthie Kolb

Traditionally, religious communities have had much to say about sexuality, but rarely has it been healthy or affirming. For many people, the shame-based education has led to dysfunction, disconnect, abuse, and unhealthy relationships. In this workshop, Ruthie will share conversations and resources from sex education she has led in religious communities to help adults and teens rebuild healthy connections between their spirituality and sexuality.

Coloring outside the Box: Deconstructing Gender Identity Development through an Intersectional Lens, with Sarah Bear

This interactive workshop on the Gender Box activity will explore the ways social-political identities such as race, sexual orientation, and class, manifest in gender belief systems, sexuality, and sexual violence. Gender belief development occurs within a cultural framework. Power, privilege, and oppression influence young people’s understanding of gender and sexuality.

Consent, Communication and Community- Consent Workshop Step by Step for Educators, with Isabel Atkinson & Kat Adams, MSW

This interactive, discussion-based workshop takes sexual health educators through our consent workshop curriculum step by step to illustrate one model for discussing and teaching the concept of consent, empathetic communication skills and personal boundary development to adolescents and adults.

No Shade: Using the Youth Lexicon in the Classroom, with Erin Basler, MEd, & Lindsey Cain

It would seem from all of the think pieces on ‘youth culture’ and the language of millennials that the idea of youth using slang is a new one. It isn’t. And neither is the gap in academic achievement between Standard English speakers and those who use dialectical English. In No Shade, Lindsey and Erin make the case for meeting your sex ed students where they are at linguistically.

Reclaiming the Sexuality of Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum, with Mary Jo Podgurski, RNC, EdD, AASECT

Sexuality is often ignored during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This workshop will reclaim the rich experience of sexuality during the childbearing year and empower sexuality educators to approach birth through a human rights/social justice lens. The presenter has over 40 years’ experience as a birth advocate and sexuality educator.


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