#SayHerName: Changing the Frame in Sexuality Education, with Donna Oriowo, PhD, LICSW, LCSW-C & Tanya Bass, MS, CHES

“All the Women are White, All the Blacks are Men.” In academia where Women of Color are forgotten, this workshop remembers them by defining and exploring intersectionality and how gender and race bias can be addressed in human sexuality education. This workshop will provide a historical overview and discussion for strategies to address the issue of gender and race bias/intersectionality as an important factor for effective sexual health education.

Building Bridges: Secular Conservatives & NonBinary Identity, with Carrie Reffitt, MA & Rebecca Vipond-Brink, BA

We will break down secular conservative objections about the trans and intersex communities, promoting understanding (rather than fear) of conservative peers and students, challenging progressive educators to reflect considerately on the valid concerns raised. Resources will be provided for participants to get ahead of some misunderstandings about the TI+ communities.

Creating Change: A Goal-Oriented “Visionshop”, with Melanie Davis, PhD & Jeffrey Anthony

The hustle and stress of day-to-day deadlines and responsibilities can lead sexuality educators to like hamsters on a wheel, endlessly circling without a destination in sight. This “visionshop” helps participants identify changes they wish to see in either their professional or personal lives, assess their capacity to bring that change about, and contract with themselves to complete action steps that will move them toward their goals.

Including Pleasure in Comprehensive Sex & Relationships Education: Why, How, and Issues to Consider, with Julia Hirst, PhD, FHEA, PGCE

Including pleasure in sex education can broaden its scope beyond biological, risk-based models, be more inclusive, and develop sexual competencies. This can be met with barriers, however, and must be carefully managed. This workshop offers space for reflection on what pleasure means within sex education contexts, along with practical recommendations.

International Symposium, with Sara Nasserzadeh, PhD

Join the international symposium for a glimpse at innovative sex education around the globe. Participants will hear from sex educators from various parts of the world in this brand new workshop.

  • Nigeria: Sex under the Influence, with Victor Ogbodo
  • Sexuality Education in Europe and Central Asia: Recent Developments and Current Status, with Evert Ketting
  • Sex Education by Comics: A Light Medium for Heavy Issues, Finland, with Tommi Paalanen
  • Social Exclusion and Sexual Objectification of Men among Women in Kosovo, with Islam Borinca
  • Nigeria: Storytelling and Sexuality Education: The Impact on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Rights, with Williams Rashidi
  • “Tell us when to have sex, not just ‘don’t have sex'”: Adolescents’ Needs for Sexuality Education in a Semi-Urban District, South-Western Nigeria, with Chidimma B. Aham-Chiabuotu


Let’s Talk About it: Building Bridges Between the Sexual Violence Prevention and Sexuality Education, with Liz Zadnik & Sarah Bear, BA

Healthy sexuality education and sexual violence prevention share many of the same goals, including creating safer spaces for all. Understanding the role of rape culture plays in communities can inform sexuality education to increase effectiveness. This workshop will outline a few sexual violence prevention strategies compatible with sexuality education philosophies.

Removing Judgment: Discussing BDSM in Adult Sexuality Education, with Logan Sand, MED

With increased cultural attention to BDSM, approaching the topic with respect and acceptance is paramount. Limited resources surrounding BDSM can lead educators to teach about it in a shocking, rather than non-judgmental, way. This workshop discusses the impact of shock-culture and offers suggestions for teaching BDSM in the classroom.

Rethinking Sexting: From Scandal to Education Opportunity, with Ruthie Kolb

While the concept of sexting has officially been around since 2007, more recently, after several “scandals”, sexting become a concern for youth, parents and schools. This workshop will focus on how to turn our reactive stances on sexting into a Positive Youth Development, comprehensive, and strengths-based approach to positively address sexting as a part of a person’s sexual health. This workshop will discuss how to educate ourselves and youth about sexting to move from scandal to an education opportunity.

Strike a Pose: Developing Critical Media Literacy Through Experiential Learning, with Jessica Smarr, MPH

Discover how to use experiential learning activities with students to critically deconstruct entertainment media messages related to gender expression. This workshop will include two hands-on activities that bring movement and glue sticks into the classroom to meet students where they’re at and give them room to experiment and explore.

Talking About Sexual Citizenship: Creating Community Expectations Around Sexuality, with Ellen Friedrichs, BA, MA

This workshop helps students become good sexual citizens. We will address sexually gendered messages, the role of pressure, the responsibilities of individuals (whether sexually active and not) and the importance of creating positive community standards for expectations about sex that ensure all sex is both wanted and enjoyed by all parties.

Talking that STD Talk: New Videos to Build Skills, with Julia Bennett, MPH

This workshop will present a new video series from Planned Parenthood that models communication around safer sex, STD testing, and status disclosure. This workshop will cover the evidence base and need, how the videos were conceptualized, and how they can be used in the classroom, including supplemental lesson plans educators can utilize.

Meet the Sex Ed Network!, with Nick Beard, LLB, LLM & Bill Taverner, MA, CSE

The Sex Ed Network is a membership and subscription service by The Center for Sex Education that gives access to hundreds of downloadable lesson plans on a wide range of sexual health topics, full access to all current and back issues of the American Journal of Sexuality Education, and massive discounts to the conference. If you’re not a member yet, come learn about the features of this service and receive a trial membership. If you are already a member, come for a guided tour of the service to make sure you’re getting the most out of it.


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