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Sex Education Articles

As a sex educator, your learning is ongoing. Its important to stay on top of the latest policy, research, and teaching methods, particularly as they relate to the state where you teach and the age group you work with. Below are some important readings to supplement your knowledge and guide your sex education work.

Sex Education Articles and Reports
Emerging Answers 2007, Douglas Kirby
FreezeFrame: A Snapshot of America’s Teens, Allison Stewart and Kelleen Kaye
The Health Benefits of Sexual Expression, Planned Parenthood
A History of Birth Control Methods, Planned Parenthood
Identifying Programs That Impact Teen Pregnancy, Sexually
Transmitted Infections, and Associated Sexual Risk Behaviors
, Mathematica and Child Trends
Masturbation: From Stigma to Sexual Health, Planned Parenthood
The Pleasure Deficit: Revisiting the ‘‘Sexuality Connection’’, Jenny A. Higgins and Jennifer S. Hirsch
Programs to Reduce Teen Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted
Infections, and Associated Sexual Risk Behaviors: A Systematic Review
, Mathematica and Child Trends
Sex Education in the United States, Planned Parenthood
Unlocking the Contraception Conundrum, James Jaccard

Policy, Advocacy, and Current Events
Introducing Intersectionality:The Matrix of Oppression and Gendered Violence, Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force
Sex and HIV Education, Guttmacher Institute
Sex Stories, Sexual Health Rankings
WOSCHN at the National Sex Ed Conference 2014, Women of Color Sexual Health Network

Teaching About Sexuality and HIV: Principles and Methods for Effective Education. Evonne Hedgepeth and Joan Helmich.
Facilitating Reflection. Julia Reed and Christopher Koliba.
Ask Me About Sex Activity Booklet[1]

Collections of Articles
These websites maintain continually updated resources related to sex education. They allow you to search by topic, keyword, etc to identify exactly what you need.

Guttmacher Institute Resources List
The National Campaign Resources
Planned Parenthood Fact Sheets and Reports
SIECUS Publications


[1] Best for adult learners.

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