RobiepubphotoRobie H. Harris, award-winning and internationally acclaimed author, published her first book in 1946, while in kindergarten, and never looked back. The daughter of a radiologist and biologist, her own love of science merged with the art of writing, and she served as editor of her high school newspaper and college yearbook. After college, Harris first worked as an elementary school teacher at the Bank Street School for Children in New York City, working with Irma Black and Bill Hill Hooks to create songs and opening segments for the long-running hit children’s series, “Captain Kangaroo.” As a daughter, sister, mother and grandmother herself, Harris enjoys writing about the very real, and powerful feelings children have from all stages and perspectives in their life. Among her numerous honors received for her works, the American Library Association noted her book, “It’s Perfectly Normal,” was the most challenging book of 2005. Other recent works include, “What’s So Yummy?” which centers on good nutrition, and “Who Has What!” which is all about the physical differences between the bodies of boys and girls. Her book, “It’s Not the Stork!” serves a reader-friendly guide for children learning the realities of reproduction and the baby-making process. Likewise, “It’s Perfectly Normal” and “It’s So Amazing!” also offer children a well-informed introduction to sex, sexual health and the human reproductive system. In addition to her nearly two dozen books and other publications, Harris offers a wide range of speaking services with presentations suitable for every audience from pre-schoolers to senior citizens, health professionals and parents.