Speaker Card for Keynote by Bee Gehman, MEd, CSE, CDI. The talk is titled "Rethinking Accessible Sex Education: Addressing Language Barriers." Bee Gehman's headshot is featured in this speaker card.

Rethinking Accessible Sex Education: Addressing Language Barriers

Bee Gehman, MEd, CSE, CDI

How accessible could our sexual health lessons become if we eliminated the English language barrier for populations reliant on visual aids for communication? Bee Gehman, a Deaf AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator, will delve into the importance of ensuring the accessibility and inclusiveness of your sexuality education, going beyond the simplicity of providing accommodations. Many students may be missing crucial information in sexual health classes due to language barriers. The realm of sexual health education is often limited to individuals with access to resources, means, language, and abilities. Join Bee in exploring creative strategies and approaches that cater to all students, regardless of language proficiency and learning styles.