Diego began working as a Community Health Educator at Planned Parenthood in 2004. In his current position, Diego oversees all programming at the Ohio Center for Sex Education and Planned Parenthood community engagement initiatives conducted by a team of 30 Community Health Education Specialists. During his tenure with Planned Parenthood, Diego has also managed the PPGOH Marketing Department and the Public Affairs Department. Diego is part of the Association of Planned Parenthood Leaders in Education and co-author of peer reviewed paper on evaluation of comprehensive sexuality education programs in the Family Science Review.

As part of his responsibilities, Diego has also lead special projects to promote organizational development such as associate engagement initiatives and abortion stigma reduction programs.

Diego is involved in several statewide organization including the Oho Domestic Violence Network as part of its Leadership Team; the Oho Adolescent Health Partnership; and is a member of the Infant Mortality Advisory group – the Fatherhood Initiative.

Ohio Center for Sex Education at Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio

Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio (PPGOH) takes great pride in the vital work performed each day by its exceptional Community Health Educators and Community Health Workers. After decades of being the leader in providing medically accurate sex education to over 35,000 Ohioans every year, PPGOH created the Ohio Center for Sex Education in 2018 to increase the visibility and awareness of its Education & Outreach work, promote conversations about the importance of comprehensive sexuality education, and build a platform to expand new programs and online services.

The Ohio Center of Sex Education (OCSE) works to customize programming to meet the unique needs of its partners with a focus on inclusion and celebrating the diversity of Ohio. Form its incredible Peer Education Program in schools and community settings to the impactful Moms & Babies First home-visiting program, the OCSE is committed to promoting healthier communities and improving the lives of all Ohioans.

The Ohio Center for Sex Education will hold its second annual Summit on Sex Education in October of 2019. Last year, the Community Health Educators of the Ohio Center for Sex Education at Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio proudly served over 38,000 Ohioans.