The 2014 National Sex Ed Conference included knowledgable, engaging speakers and we were privileged enough to capture a few of them on video.

Conference Highlights

Dr. Ruth Westheimer accepted the Sex Ed in the Media Award and brought down the house.

Jane Fonda gave a keynote titled “Jane Fonda on Being a Teen.”

Cindy Lee Alves, a member of the Women of Color Sexual Health Network, read the Solidarity Statement on Racial Justice in Sexuality Education.


Dr. David Satcher gave a keynote titled “The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Promote Sexual Health and Responsible Sexual Behavior.”

Debby Herbenick gave a keynote titled “Sex, Love, Intimacy, and Orgasm: Integrating Sex Ed and New Findings from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior.”

Ileana Jiménez gave a keynote titled “Creating Safe and Inclusive Schools for LGBT Youth Locally and Globally.”

Carolyn Cooperman talked about Sex Ed in the Digital Age.

Megara Bell and Brian Flaherty addressed some of the biggest sex ed myths in the final keynote of the conference.

19th century nutritionist John Harvey Kellogg admonishes hundreds of sexuality educators (including Dr. Ruth) at the National Sex Ed Conference. The role of Dr. Kellogg was played by Ken Tirado, president of the Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre.


Robie Harris accepts the Golden Brick Award.

Naida Wharton accepts the Sex Ed Champion Award.


Bill Stayon introduces Jane Fonda

Dr. Eric J. Schoenberg introduces Dr. David Satcher

Dr. Mandy Peters introduces Dr. Debby Herbenick

Triste Brooks introduces Ileana Jiménez

Kelly Holland introduces Carolyn Cooperman


Wayne Pawlowski remembered Terry Beresford.

Tom Klaus remembers Barbara Huberman


One of our workshops discussed best practices approaches to educating about bisexuality.