Beyond Words: Using Body Language in Sex Ed Curricula with Kira Stein, MEd

This interactive workshop offers a fun and accessible way to incorporate body language into our sex ed curricula for children, adolescents, and adults. Using dance/movement therapy techniques, participants will learn how to apply easy-to-read body postures into lesson plans around consent, bodily autonomy, communication, and healthy relationships.

Disability, Culture, and Sexuality: Making Spaces, Education, and Facilitators Accessible with Jeffrey Anthony, CHES, & Millie Gonzalez, MA

Education is more effective when educators design and implement programs with literacy about a people’s history, culture, and oppression. The United States has a long, stigmatizing history towards individuals with disabilities. Much like decolonizing a program, education needs to be created to be accessible to all individuals. In this workshop, participants will learn about the cultural history of disability, accessible design, developmental appropriateness, and address ableism.

Don’t Tell Me to Love My Body: Body Image and Fatphobia with Isy Abraham-Raveson

Too often, discussions of body image ignore how systems of oppression shape beauty standards. This workshop will allow sexuality educators to explore how their own bodies derive privilege and oppression from these systems, learn history of our culture’s hatred of fatness, and prepare to create more body-positive spaces.

Sex Ed for Kiddos: Empowering Parents of Young Children to Take on the Sex Educator Role with Rebecca Shemesh, PhD

With a focus on preschool and early elementary education, this interactive workshop will present strategies that educators can use to empower parents to begin and continue conversations about sexuality with children, starting at a young age. Participants will be encouraged to share resources they have used with parents.

Supporting LGBTQ Youth Through Proactive Allyship with Yesi Llerenas Daniel

Beyond introductory terminology, youth serving professionals will gain knowledge and resources to proactively support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) youth in their school and community. Activities will include identifying and understanding the impacts of heterosexual and cisgender biases, learning the role and impacts of support systems as LGBTQ youth ‘come out’, and end with best practices for proactively being an ally to LGBTQ youth. This is a 201 level workshop.

Teaching Sex Education in the Age of Anxiety with Roberta Stapleton, MA, MS & Rachel Hervey

Teaching sex education in the culture of porn, #metoo, social media and toxic masculinity is tricky. How do we help students celebrate their sexuality and lead whole and healthy lives without increasing the anxiety they live with?

Implementation of Sexuality Education: Lessons Learned from Diverse Country Contexts, with Marina Plesons, MPH, David Wiley, PhD, Esther Corona Varga, MA, & Sanjay Kumar Paul, JD

Despite recognition of the need for sexuality education; availability of evidence of effectiveness and cost effectiveness; availability of tools to advocate, plan, monitor, and evaluate programs; and inclusion of sexuality education in commitments and plans of action, progress at implementation has been slow. This session will share insights from Pakistan, India, Nigeria, and Texas, USA on strategies used to build community support for sexuality education and overcome resistance.

Symposium: The American Journal of Sexuality Education: A Year in Review (Part 2) with Bill Taverner, MS, CSE

This workshop will summarize the past year’s research, scholarly commentary and lesson plans published in the American Journal of Sexuality Education. Participants will examine the significance of recently published, peer-reviewed articles and discuss implications for their own work. There are two such symposia sessions covering different topics. Participants are welcome to attend both, but attendance at both is not necessary.

  • Individual Differences in Heterosexual Students’ Responses to Brief Education about Local LGBTQ+ Safe Zones with Dillon Federici
  • Shifting Lenses to Deepen Reflection and Connection in Human Sexuality Education with Lauren Lichty PhD, & Emily Parks
  • What Does the Counseling Field Say about Sexuality?: A Content Analysis with Robert Zeglin, PhD, NCC, LMHC & Danielle Niemela
  • Where Youth Live, Learn, and Play Matters: Tackling the Social Determinants of Health in Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health, with Milagros Garrido, MS

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