Roundtables 2019

  • Activism for Introverts, with Yoseñio Lewis & Shadeen Francis, MFT

    An Introduction to the Revised UN International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education, with Marina, Plesons, MPH

    Breaking Barriers: Action Steps to Teaching Sexual Health to People with Disabilities, with Anna Treacy, PhD, CHES,

    Bringing Sex Ed to the (Young) People, with Kathryn Donaldson, MPH, CHES, & Katie Jourdan, MPH, CHES

    Does Anyone Have a Tampon?!, with Eloise McAviney

    EXXXcluded: Libraries, Archives, and the Preservation of Sexuality Materials, with Molly Wolf, MEd, MS, & Ilyssa Boseski, LSW, MEd

    Go Green Go Vagina, with Alice Holland PhD, CRNP, AASECT

    Hard in the Streets, Soft in the Sheets: Teaching Youth in Detention Healthy Relationships Skills, with Sarah Diamond, MEd

    How Culture Affects our Sexual and Reproductive Health with Linda Zayed, MPH

    It is That Time of Conference…We Need to Talk about Menstruation, with Betty Dorr, PhD

    Less is More: Promoting Health Information in the Age of Twitter, with Milagros Garrido, MS, & Nick Sufrinko

    Lessons Learned: A University Pilot of Unequal Partners and Considerations for Future Implementation, with Laura Merrell, PhD, & Dayna Henry, PhD, MCHES

    Love and Sex on the Datascape: Finding and Using Data on the National Sexual Psyche, with Starr Eaddy, PhD, BSN, RN, CHES

    MindBlown: An Educators Mini-Guide to Putting Self-First, with Maralis Mercado Emerson

    My PMS Made Me a Bad Feminist: Taking on Sexism and Medicine in the Classroom, with Jessica Smarr, MPH

    Navigating Consent Education in the Time of #Metoo, with Niki Davis-Fainbloom, MA

    Negotiation and Consent for the Kink and BDSM Community, with Raf Benato

    Not My Kid: Strategies for Parents of Kids Who Might Someday See Porn (AKA All Kids), with Amy Benson & Amy Lang, MA

    Peers Promoting Sexual Health Communication, with Shannon Phelps, PhD

    Polyamory in Practice: Understanding Consensual Non-monogamy, with Kitty Chambliss, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP

    Pregnancy Options Counseling: Resources to Empower Pregnant People, with Roxanne Sutocky

    Pull Out Game Strong: Getting Community on Board with Harm Reduction Strategies, with Tatum Bishop

    Reaction for Action: Youth Participatory Action Research on Sex Ed in Minnesota, with Ellen Saliares, MPH

    Safe Sext: Online Safety, Privacy, and Digital Intimacy, with Kailin Kucewicz, MEng

    School’s Back in Session: What Our Parents Didn’t Learn In Sex Ed, with Tia Evans, MSW, MEd, LCSW, CST

    Sex Ed: More than Just the Parts, with Ashley Kuykendall, CHES

    Sexual Roots and Branches: Where do These Beliefs Come from?, with Julia Lepiochina, MA

    Sexual Violence Perpetrators 101: Misconceptions, Realities, and Prevention with Jennifer Kurdyla, MSW

    “Shame on You”: Pregnancy & STI Prevention Education Messages and Re-framing the Shame, with Sarah Gannon, MEd, & Damiene Denner, MEd

    Taking Sex Ed Online- Shifting the narrative for sex ed in the south, with Kristi Van Sickle & Kayla McKean

    Taking Your Community to Third Base, with Rachel Todd, Vanessa Frias, & Vanessa Frias

    Talking to Poly People As Educators and Providers: Building Confidence with Sex, Risk, and Education, with Emma Kaywin

    The Endo Game and How to Play It, with Daneila Mcvea-Smith

    The Pleasure Journey: Getting Back to Basic, with Tatiana Carrera

    This is America: Using an Anti-oppression Framework for Sexual Violence Prevention, with LaQuisha Anthony

    Unboxing Sexual Health Education, with Katrina Keane, MSW, & Autumn Detchon

    What’s Poppin’ With Community Engagement?, with Masuda Eyasmin & Maya Noonan

    Youth Led Advocacy for Better Sex Ed: How to Be An Awesome Adult Partner, with Lynne Neveu

    “You want me to use what?”: Incorporating Sex Toys into Couple’s Sexual Relationships, with Patricia Huerta, MS, LMFT
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