Assessing the Impact of U=U on HIV Risk Perceptions, Behavioral Intentions, and Attitudes, with Robert Zeglin, PhD, NCC, LMHC, & Danielle Niemela

In Winter of 2017, the CDC announced that people living with HIV with an undetectable viral load cannot transmit the virus to their sexual partners. The resulting campaign has been termed ‘Undetectable=Untransmittable (U=U),’ changing the sexual landscape of this community. This workshop will present and discuss the results of a recent experimental study assessing the impact of U=U education on HIV perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors. Implications for sex education will be discussed.

Extinguishing Locker Room and Cooler Talk: Conversations about Masculinity and Male Privilege, with Levone Cannady & Siddharth Menon

Within this workshop, we will highlight traditional male gender roles and the privilege associated with the adoption of these traits. The conditioning of male emotion, socialization, and messages delivered of male dominance will be scrutinized to further illuminate the perpetuation of these roles. These roles will be analyzed in an attempt to uncover why men align with these roles. This workshop will also look to unpack ways and efforts men can take action to prevent the distention of unsafe spaces.

Moving Sexual Health Education Out of the Classroom, with Alicia McDaniel, MPH, & Melanie Grafals, MPH

This workshop will demonstrate how a current research project is successfully incorporating physical activity, nutrition, and mindfulness into a sexual health curriculum to enhance the overall physical, social, and emotional health of youth. Participants will be able to experience modules and should wear comfortable clothing.

Strategies for Engaging Parents and Caregivers in School-Based Sexual Health Education, with Tyler Spencer, PhD, MSc, & Jane Wallis, MPH

Grassroots Fam is a three-session program that was developed by The Grassroot Project in 2017. Its aim is to engage parents and caregivers in the sexual health education of their youth, and to increase the frequency, quality, and effectiveness of parent/caregiver-child communication about sex. In this workshop, we will discuss the methods we used for developing Grassroots Fam, the contents of the program, and key lessons learned in the process of effectively engaging parents and caregivers.

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