Thursday April 4th- 3:00 – 4:00 pm

  • #MeToo and Fostering Activism with Lizzie Small

    Young people have many questions and much to say about the #MeToo movement. Educators need to be prepared to have confident conversations that help them understand the nuance of rape culture and empower them to create change and survivor-centered support. Talking about sexual violence or even saying ‘rape’ in classrooms can be intimidating. #MeToo pushes us to have these conversations. High profile accusations in the media can be the fodder to dig deep while honoring trauma-informed care.

    Addressing Religious Concerns in the Work of Sexuality Education with Rev. Marie Alford-Harkey, MDiv, MA

    This workshop will equip sexuality educators and advocates with strategies for addressing student, parent, and community leader concerns based on (primarily conservative Christian) religious teachings on abortion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and sexual behaviors. It will also help participants enlist religious leaders as allies and supporters in their work.

    Does Condom Size Matter? What We Learned after Launching 60 Condom Sizes in the USA with Milla Impola

    Condoms don’t fit me.’ Is it a real issue or excuse? This interactive presentation will explore strategies educators can use to increase condom use by talking about the importance of condom fit. Workshop will present data and customer testimonials about proper condom fit’s impact on pleasure, comfort and relationships.

    Dynamics of Interpersonal Violence in Polyamorous Relationships with Liat Wexler

    What happens when someone in a non-monogamous relationship is impacted by interpersonal violence? Using case studies, participants will analyze how sexual assault or partner abuse of one person in a polyamorous relationship impacts other partners, and the implications for working with non-monogamous survivors. (Advanced)

    Education Through Demonstration With MakeLoveNotPorn: How Social Sex Videosharing Complements Sex Ed with Cindy Gallop

    This workshop is designed to be fully interactive and a learning experience for the presenter as much as the attendees. Cindy Gallop will explain briefly how she designed MakeLoveNotPorn to complement sex education, show social sex videos and workshop with attendees their ability to assist with different aspects of sex education.

    Enacting Consent: An Embodied Approach to Fostering Compassion and Inclusion in Sexuality education with David Searle-White, PhD & Shayna Morrison CST, CMA

    Using techniques drawn from Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, this workshop will engage participants intellectually, emotionally, and physically in an exploration of sexual consent. The workshop is intended to help participants understand their unconscious attitudes and biases so as to be more inclusive and compassionate when working with others.

    Nonnie Talks about Life and Living: Presenting Challenging Topics to Children with Mary Jo Podgurski, RNC, EdD, AASECT

    Children listen; adult silence is a strong message that can lead to poor adult/child connection. Often challenging topics like consent, death, birth, race, mental health, sex, trauma and gender are avoided by adults, because finding words to share correctly is difficult. This interactive workshop addresses adult/child communication when the topic is an ‘elephant in the living room’ and will provide practical ways sexuality educators can expand their practice.

    Pregnancy – It’s a Role of the Dice with Mia Barrett, MEd

    This workshop presents a gamified way for students to learn what the chance of pregnancy is while using various forms of birth control. During this workshop, educators will enhance their understanding of the effectiveness rates of various birth control methods and explore a gamified way of presenting the probability of pregnancy to young adults. Participants will receive an example lesson plan that accompanies the game.

    Surprise! People with Disabilities are Having Sex with Erica Thomas, MS & Barry Irby

    It is often assumed that people with disabilities are not sexual beings. Their needs and desires are ignored, leading to a life lacking intimacy and meaningful relationships. This session shares a fresh perspective from a person with a disability and a sexuality educator supporting people with disabilities in Washington, DC.

    The Grassroot Project: NCAA Student-Athletes Promoting Sexual Health in DC Middle Schools with Tyler Spencer, PhD, MSc & Jane Wallis, MPH

    The Grassroot Project (TGP) is a nonprofit organization in Washington, DC, that trains NCAA college athletes to provide comprehensive sexual health programs in middle schools. To date, TGP has trained more than 1,200 NCAA athletes to provide more than 50,000 hours of free sexual health education in DC schools. In this workshop, we will show how our curriculum uses athlete role models and a movement-based curriculum to improve health literacy and normalize conversations about sex.

    TRANS+: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You with Kathryn Gonzalez, MBA & Karen Rayne, PhD

    Trans and non-binary youth need sexuality education tailored to their unique and beautiful needs. While not all topics are specific to this population, many should be translated to their experiences to provide more meaning. In this workshop we provide information and strategies for reaching and supporting trans and non-binary youth. (Advanced)

    Symposium: The American Journal of Sexuality Education: A Year in Review (Part 1) with Bill Taverner, MA, CSE

    This workshop will summarize the past year’s research, scholarly commentary and lesson plans published in the American Journal of Sexuality Education. Participants will examine the significance of recently published, peer-reviewed articles and discuss implications for their own work. There are two such symposia sessions covering different topics. Participants are welcome to attend both, but attendance at both is not necessary.

    • Sexual Health Education for Students with Disabilities: A Call to Action with Anna Treacy PhD, MPH, CHES, Shanon Taylor, EdD & Tammy Abernathy, PhD
    • The Impact of Being a Peer Sexual Health Educator: Lessons learned from Mobilizing African American Adolescents Against HIV in Flint, Michigan with Charles Senteio, PhD, MSW, MBA, Deb Yoon, MA & Yiwei Wang, MS
    • Thoughts About Sexual Difficulties and Related Anxiety Among a Predominantly Female Sample of Adolescents with Ellen Saliares, MPH
    • Using Deep Reasoning Questions to Improve an Email-Based STI Prevention Intervention with Theresa Okwumabua, Courtney Peasant Bonner & Mollie Anderson
    • What Did It Take to Scale Up and Sustain Udaan, a School-Based Adolescent Education Program in Jharkhand, India? with Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli, MBBS, MSc, Aparajita Gogoi & Anand Sinha

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