Thursday April 4th- 12:00 – 1:00 pm

  • “So, I Just Take a Pill, Right?’: Discussing HIV Prevention in the Age of U=U with Asia Brown, LMSW, MFA

    Studies have proven: When people living with HIV/AIDS maintain an undetectable viral load, the infection becomes sexually untransmittable (or undetectable = untransmittable, U=U). That’s cause for celebration–and a new approach to sexuality education. Learn tools to champion treatment as prevention while encouraging safer sex practices for the U=U generation.

    Adapting Curricula – for Youth by Youth – for Alaska Native/American Indian Programs with Anna Morrison, CST, CMA & Grace LeNorman

    This workshop is designed for youth serving organizations that are looking to create culturally relevant adaptations specific to their demographics. Capitalizing on the pitfalls and successes of our own program, Strengthening OUR Youth, participants will go through activities that help them to identify their specific needs, outreach opportunities, assessment suggestions, and executing successful adaptations.

    Benefits and Challenges of Teaching Sexual Pleasure to High School Students with Amanda Ferrandino, MSc & Nika Norvila, MSc

    To adequately teach the concept of sexual consent, the presenters describe the importance of discussing sexual pleasure with teenagers. Using the ‘Yes Means Yes’ model, the presenters examine the benefits, challenges, and provide age-appropriate learning activities to incorporate pleasure and sex positivity to decrease coercive sexual behaviors and sexual assault. (Advanced)

    Gender Inclusive Reproductive Health and Puberty Education: A Framework for Educators with Kim Westheimer

    This workshop introduces a framework to affirm the gender diversity of all students. Participants will learn 5 principles of gender-inclusive puberty and reproductive health education that can be integrated into existing curriculum. These principles account for all students’ needs, while attending to specific concerns of transgender and non-binary students.

    Gettin’ Kinky with It: Increasing Comfort and Finding Trans-communal Applications of BDSM with Noelle Summers

    In a post-Fifty Shades world, conversations about BDSM are more commonplace. Educators working with undergraduates and adults must be prepared to respond to questions about BDSM; furthermore, BDSM framework provides a way of navigating a variety of sexual (and even non-sexual) interactions with increased self-efficacy and satisfaction. In this workshop, attendees will be able to identify and process their feelings about BDSM, as well as learn about and practice a healthy BDSM interaction.

    How To Effectively Engage In ‘Hostile’ Territories with Angela Tate, LMSW, MBA/HCM

    The goal of the session is to offer effective engagement strategies in communities where the climate for providing sex education to youth is not optimal. Participants will learn to create successful engage in space where they have been unwelcome or underutilized due to stigma or programming constraints. (Advanced)

    ORIENTATION: Teaching About Identity, Attraction, and Behavior with Terri Clark, MPH, Tracie Gilbert, PhD, & Karen Rayne, PhD

    This highly interactive workshop will provide an inside peek to a number of lesson plans from the CSE’s newest teaching manual. In this session, we will understand different approaches and methods for teaching that build on existing expertise and provide new tools for sexuality educators to teach about sexual orientation.

    Sex Positive Self Defense with Diane Long

    Sex Positive Self-Defense means learning to say ‘No’ to the things you don’t want and ‘Yes’ to the things you do. This approach is trauma-informed and empowerment-based. It teaches pro-active skills for boundary setting, communication and consent. Come learn simple, accessible tools for sexual self-advocacy in a fun, interactive way.

    Teaching Human Sexuality to College Students Using an Online Format with Patricia Huerta, MS, LMFT

    As more educational institutions employ new technologies, online learning is becoming more prevalent and accessible to students. However, the online learning landscape can be challenging for sexual education instructors. The purpose of this workshop is to aid sexual educators in constructing an online curriculum, engaging students, and identifying online resources.

    The Sex Ed Mixtape: At the Intersections of Sex Ed and Hip Hop Literacy with Cindy Lee Alves, MEd & Lindsey Cain, MEd

    Dear Lovers and Friends, Do you find yourself struggling for relevance among today’s youth? Are you tired of peddlin’ the same stale, whack-ass, tone-deaf curricula? Come and join this knock out collabo on the 1s and 2s as we bring you sex ed as it should be: chopped and screwed (language clarification included).

    Symposium: Sex Ed and the Clinic with Zeena Hazuri

    This symposium will have multiple presentations that discuss the intersection of sexuality education and medical/clinical issues and services.

    • ChemSex: Has ParTy and Play become the New Epidemic for GBT MenMSM and Young MOC? with Phillip McCabe, CSW, CAS
    • Click it or Clinic: How Can Sexual Health Resources Show Up for Young People? with Arianne Graham, MBA, Ann Peralta, MPH & Angela Glymph, PhD
    • Integrating Sexuality into Perinatal Mental Health with Jeanae Hopgood-Jones, MFT, MEd
    • Sex in the Stoned Age: How CBD & Cannabis Are Shaping the Future of Reproductive Justice with D Marcella Lyles, MEd

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