What is the Pay It Forward Scholarship?

We know our supporters are committed to sex education because of the way it affects real peoples’ lives. Our Pay It Forward scholarship program supports students and professionals who cannot afford the registration fee.

What Pay It Forward Means to Me…

“Opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge to share with our participants!”

“Network with enthusiastic sexual health educators.”

“New ways to keep students active and engaged.”

Scholarship Sponsor

$10,000+: We’ll gush on and on about you during opening and closing remarks and place your logo on the slide deck with a thank you note. You will be supporting a GREAT cause!

$5000+: You will be highlighted during the opening session as well as on the slide deck throughout the conference.

$2500+: You will be highlighted on the slide deck throughout the conference.

Our goal is to help as many people in financial need as we can this year. Will you help?

To learn more about the Pay It Forward program, visit sexedconference.com/pay-it-forward

Are you ready to become a sponsor of NSEC?

Follow this link to complete your sponsorship of NSEC. When checking out, select SCHOLARSHIP SPONSOR to donate $10,000. If you would like to choose your own amount to donate, you can donate to the scholarship program HERE.

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For questions about sponsoring our next conference, feel free to contact us at marketing@sexedconference.com.