Donna Oriowo, PhD, LICSW

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    Donna Oriowo, Ph. D, M.Ed, MSW is Nigerian (Yoruba) American, first of 4 girls, and first generation to the U.S. A graduate of Morgan State University, a premier HBCU in Baltimore, Maryland, Donna began her journey there. It was during her senior project that it became apparent that though much research referred to Black people or women, they meant that they were focusing on Black Men or White Women. At Widener University, where she earned her Master’s in education and Social Work, and her PhD in Human sexuality, Donna focused her research on what it meant to be a black woman in academia and their (our) place in (sexuality related) research. Donna worked as a social worker in Washington DC, where she joined the LGBTQ Taskforce, tasked with making sure that LGBTQ identified youth in foster care, had a voice, information, and rights. She also helped to develop a training manual that would help social workers talk to the youth they worked with about sex and sexuality. After that agency experience, Donna chose the quiet life (LOL) of working in a DC public charter school with an all African America student body as a counselor and sex(uality) education teacher. Many days were spent fighting for the students rights to comprehensive sex education, which was won (the folk weren’t unreasonable :)) and making sure to integrate their racial and economic worldview, while adding in a therapeutic lens. She currently serves as a supervisor in a program for an agency (very cloak and dagger) in Washington D.C. Donna has completed presentations/trainings/workshops both in the US and internationally regarding sex, sexuality, body image, beauty image, media, etc. with a focus on Black female sexuality. As if she is not tired enough (working a full time and one part time job), Donna started her own practice and business in 2016 where she speaks/trains/and does workshops on various areas of sexuality, with a focus on Black female sexuality, completes individual and couples therapy, and is currently planning for her first retreat! Eventually, she plans to publish something other than her dissertation. Because silence is not really her thing, Donna is a member WOCSHN, The Society of Black Scholars in Sexuality, Association of Black Sexologists, AASECT, an almost anything else where some folk have the same agenda of moving forward conversations regarding people of color.

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