So, What’s Sexuality All About?

  Many sexuality educators and program administrators have never had a comprehensive human sexuality course and others took that course a long time ago. Join AASECT’s Sexuality Educator of the Year in this session that will bring everyone up to speed by presenting an in-depth, expansive look at what makes up human sexuality and what […]

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“You’re Not My Type” An Introduction to the Enneagram

It’s True! – with nine distinct personality types, it’s likely we encounter people in our work and personal lives that see and experience the world quite differently than we do. The Enneagram is a powerful tool to help explain and better understand human behavior. Explore the Enneagram’s nine personality types, including your own. This workshop […]

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Talking to Adolescents About Pornography: An Evidence-Informed Approach to Teaching ‘Pornography Literacy’

Whether the use of pornography by adults, or youth, constitutes a “public health crisis” is presently being debated. However, virtually no one believes that the primary source of information about sexuality, sex, health and relationships for youth should be internet pornography—and yet there are research studies that suggest that some youth are receiving part of […]

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