Connecting the Dots – The Relationship Between #MeToo and Sexuality Education

      This is a watershed moment in our field! Conversations about sexual violence and assault are becoming common place in many of our homes, schools, faith communities and places of business. This keynote will examine the journey of the #MeToo movement, the politics of sexual violence and how it intersects with tenets of […]

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Pulling Out & Leaning In: Unpacking the Heteronormative and White Supremacist Culture in Sex Education

In this keynote, speaker Stephanie Zapata explores the current (read: shallow) state of sex education and the straight/white ties that bind them together. Is it white guilt, fear, or ignorance as bliss that keeps (sex) education siloed from the intersections of race and history? It’s time to let excuses fall at the wayside and push […]

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From Trauma to Triumph: Learning How to Celebrate Sexuality after Adverse Experiences

    Trauma influences both physical and emotional difficulties that can impact sexuality in a variety of ways. Neuroscience now provides easy to understand information about how to stop harm, heal pain, and change lives through optimal sexual decision making. This presentation will address how anyone who has experienced any type of trauma can best […]

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