Speaker card for pre-conference workshop "Expanding Comprehensive Sex Education in Abortion Ban States" by Hilary Towle, MEd, MaryRose Mazzola, MPP, JD

Expanding Comprehensive Sex Education in Abortion Ban States

Hilary Towle, MEd
MaryRose Mazzola, MPP, JD

This workshop will focus on the research findings from Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts (PPLM’s) Get Real Expansion Project, which seeks to expand comprehensive, inclusive sex education in states that have banned or restricted abortion access in the wake of the Dobbs decision. Via a national landscape analysis of sex education laws and regulations plus restrictions on abortion, LGBTQ+ rights, critical race theory, and social-emotional learning, PPLM has created a five-state sex ed score and seeks to use this information to help affiliates develop data-driven plans for post-Roe expansion of Get Real and professional education and training.

Speaker card for pre-conference session "My Black Health Is Beautiful" by Dr. Dianne Browne, Crystal Charley, MBA, CD, Jatesha "Jaye" Madden-Wilson, LPN, Tara Norman, Dr. Renée Volky Darko

My Black Health Is Beautiful

Dr. Dianne Browne
Crystal Charley, MBA, CD
Jatesha “Jaye” Madden-Wilson, LPN

Tara Norman
Dr. Renée Volky Darko

We are excited to offer a pre-conference workshop that highlights the importance of representation in sexual health curricula. The My Black Health is Beautiful curriculum was created by Black women for the Black community and is focused on holistic reproductive health, anatomy and physiology, intergenerational health, and self-advocacy. This workshop is designed for audiences of all backgrounds interested in understanding and implementing this valuable curriculum. Participants will receive tools and instruction from the authors to promote health equity and address disparities in maternal health outcomes.

Speaker card for precon session "Sex After Bad Stuff: A Guide to Sexual Reclamation and Self-Empowerment" by Jenn Mason, MA

Sex After Bad Stuff: A Guide to Sexual Reclamation and Self-Empowerment

Jenn Mason, MA

How does your sex education help people who’ve had coercive, assaultive, or bad-but-there’s-not-a-word-for-it sexual experiences? This workshop provides a guide to teaching reclamatory pleasure, avoiding trauma binaries, and raising the bar from surviving to thriving. Participants will learn concrete strategies for working with people around pleasure, arousal, distraction, and communication.