is home to sex ed teaching manuals published by the Center for Family Life Education, which are used worldwide. These resource guides cover the lifespan, from addressing early childhood development, and questions and behaviors of young children in Bodies, Birth, and Babies and the Healthy Foundations books to teaching senior citizens about sexuality in their changing bodies and relationships in Older, Wiser, Sexually Smarter.

In 2012, the CFLE introduced two new publications: the two-volume, third edition of Teaching Safer Sex and the groundbreaking Game On! The Ultimate Sexuality Education Gaming Guide. The original Teaching Safer Sex reconceptualized how to teach about sexual safety. During an when HIV biological lectures ruled the day, Teaching Safer Sex introduced highly interactive, prevention-based student-centered learning activities, such as the now-famous “Condom Lineup” activity that nearly every sexuality educator has used! The third edition continues the tradition with 50 engaging lessons!

“Teaching Safer Sex is the most comprehensive, in-depth and user-friendly sex education curriculum I’ve ever read and it is obviously written by fair-minded experts who inspire a great deal of trust.”  ~ Loretta J. Ross, Ph.D.(hon), National Coordinator; SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective

Game On! creates a sexuality education learning environment that allows individuals to review and reinforce knowledge, practice skills, and engage in interpersonal communication – all while playing games!

“Game On! is a sexuality educator’s dream come true. The guide inspires interactive, fun, education.  It is easy to use, well researched, and empowering. Games teach. Educators need to reach students before they teach them, and these activities  will open doors.”  Mary Jo Podgurski, Ed.D., MA, RNC, author, Games Educators Play

Other favorites include Unequal Partners, a collection of 30 lessons informed by qualitative research on healthy and unhealthy relationships, power, consent, and more! Sex Ed 101 gives a cross section of topics for different audiences. Making Sense of Abstinence re-envisions abstinence education, focusing on abstinence as a positive, empowering choice, in contrast to fear and shame-based curricula that often provide misinformation. And Streetwise to Sex-Wise is ideal for working with high-risk youth, such as young people in juvenile detention facilities and treatment programs.

Can’t choose? Get the Sex Ed Starter Kit! Ideal for jumpstarting your sex education library with hundreds of lesson plans, grounded in pedagogy, and praised by experts!

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