Saturday, December 9th – 8:30 – 9:30 AM

  • Let’s Dance: Sex Ed Through Play, with Kira Stein, MEd Human Sexuality

    Participants engage in two playful dance activities, and then discuss the applicability of movement as training in sexual communication and empowerment. Dance moves are self-determined, so participants are never asked to perform a movement beyond their ability level.
    Not Your Average Sex Talk: Building Peer-to-Peer Power to Create Unique Sex Ed Programs, with Emmett Patterson, GCert & Lex Loro, BA

    This session will support college-aged activists and those who support them to develop inclusive peer-to- peer sexual education programs for their own communities. Participants will learn tools to effectively plan, develop, and disseminate queer/trans-inclusive sexual education information on their own campuses. Working with other student activists, participants will create action plans and leave the session prepared to share sexual health knowledge and resources with their peers.
    Practicing Consent Like a Quaker, with Jenna Emerson, MEd

    Schools and organizations with religious affiliations, such as Quaker schools, provide an excellent foundation for connecting values and social justice to sexuality education. This workshop provides example lessons to educators interested in teaching sexual consent using their own school or organization’s mission and/or stated values.
    Tinder Lovin’ Care: Dating Apps and Healthy Swiping, with Summer Awad

    Dating apps like Grindr and Tinder play a large role in millennial hookup culture. Comprehensive sexuality education must address how to navigate these apps in a healthy and safe way. This presentation addresses the evolution of these apps and highlights user experiences and disparities while presenting opportunities for empowerment.
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