Friday, December 8th – 2:15 – 3:15 PM

  • “It Takes a Village”: Engaging Your Stakeholders in the Planning and Implementation Process, with Nikayla Boyd, MAT, EdS & Kelsie Cox, MEd

    This workshop explores the importance of analyzing the program environment and understanding how to leverage partnerships to implement sexual education programs successfully when barriers exist. SWOT Analysis and Stakeholder Analysis are two tools that will be used to demonstrate how you can work toward community and stakeholder buy-in.

    Momma Said: Deconstructing How and What Black Mothers Teach Their Daughters About Sexuality, with Nakesha Speed, MBA, MPA & Goody Howard

    This interactive workshop examines the role of generational influences and respectability politics in shaping the ways Black mothers teach and communicate with their daughters about sexuality while providing an alternative approach to having the ‘talk’.

    Partnering With Youth to Fuel Digital Media Marketing Strategies, with Kenneth Shults, BA Psychology

    Unlike anything before it, New Media has shaped the way young people learn about their bodies, sex, relationships, and sexual mores. Our understanding of how to leverage this relationship to enhance our education efforts is hindered by a key misunderstanding: the notion that it’s entirely up to us.

    Polyamory in Practice: Understanding Consensual Non-Monogamy, with Kitty Chambliss, CPC, ELI-MP

    Ever wonder why someone chooses to live a polyamorous lifestyle? Is it an identity or simply a choice? This presentation is for those seeking more understanding and practical guidelines around consensual non-monogamy. This interactive workshop will address myths and definitions, safe sex concerns, and emotional needs of the polyamorous.

    PrEPed for Sex, with Rachel Browning, MPH

    In this interactive workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn about the best practices from the first year of implementing ‘PrEP for Women’, by Planned Parenthood Metro Washington. Participants will evaluate their own programming in order to have space to develop an action plan for their community. PrEP for Women at PPMW focuses specifically on women of color and the intersectionality of implementation across sexuality health education, marketing and communications, and medical

    Preschoolers, Private Parts & Playmates – Sexual Behavior in Young Children, with Amy Lang, MA

    Preschoolers are curious about bodies! In this interactive session you will learn about childhood psychological and social sexual development. When you understand the different phases of sexual development, common and uncommon behaviors in young children, and how to effectively talk with children, they are protected (and so are you)!

    Research Symposium

    PPNCSNJ Vice President of Research Elizabeth Talmont will lead a panel of both academics and practitioners developing innovative methods to support educational professionals in both evaluating and providing sex education. In this session, participants will learn how to use current research to facilitate both their professional development and their educational curriculum.

    • Building Indispensable Professional Development for Sexual Health Education Educators, with Carol Cummings, PhD, Christine Fisher, PhD, MPH, CHES, Lisa Hoopis, & Rosemary Reilly-Chammat, EdD
    • Partner Physical Intimacy Behavior Scale: Going Beyond Yes/No Questions to Measure Sexual Behavior, with Harry Piotrowski, MS
    • SeXperts: Enhancing Sex Education Using Peer Mentors in a Researcher-Community Partnership, with Charles Senteio, PhD, MSW, MBA
    • Sexuality Education for Gifted Students and Parents, with Julia Hodgson, PsyD, MEd, BCB & Matthew Zakreski, PsyD
    • The Role of Sexuality Education in Relationship Development, with Michael McGee, PhD, AASECT
    • What Are They REALLY Asking? Adolescents’ Questions Submitted to a Two-Way Text Messaging System, with Kennon Jackson, Jr., MA
    • When to Evaluate Sex Education Programs and How to Make it Useful, with Amelia Holstrom, MPH

    Seinfeld: A Show About Nothing as a Model for Sexuality Lessons About Anything and Everything, with Jamie Sclafane, MS, MCHES

    Seinfeld, is known for being a national conversation starter. Jamie Sclafane, MS, MCHES, sexuality educator and star of Hulu’s 2016 Seinfeld super fan documentary, will explore Seinfeld scenes and how participants can recreate the water cooler effect in their lessons to have meaningful discussions about sexuality. Elaine dancing lesson included.

    Teach Like a Muppet: Using Kinesthetic Techniques to Engage Learners, with Reid Mihalko & Kira Manser

    Never bore your audience or scare them off. If you’ve wondered what the perfect balance between engagement, education, and entertainment is, join us for an interactive workshop where we will literally move through the hows and whys of kinesthetic teaching approaches that engage audiences and set your self-expression free.

    Teaching Consent and Sexual Communication Techniques to Youth in Abstinence-Focused Setti, with Emma Kaywin

    This workshop will offer a model of providing progressive relationship communication education to middle-school aged youth within abstinence-focused educational settings. The techniques presented will focus on self-advocacy through verbal communication — the building blocks to both affirmative consent and open, honest communication within both sexual and non-sexual relationships.

    What Would Truly Gender-Inclusive Sex Education Look Like?, with Oliver Brown

    Through a series of activities and discussions, participants will be invited to view middle and high school sex ed curricula through the eyes of transgender and non-binary students. They will then imagine how these curricula might be modified, adapted, or rewritten to create a more truly gender-inclusive sex education.

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