Friday, December 8th – 11:45 AM – 12:45 PM

  • Queering Reproductive Healthcare (A Best Practices Guide), with Ashley Kuykendall, CHES

    There are few spaces more vulnerable for folks who identify as gender and sexual minorities than sexual and reproductive healthcare spaces. By implementing a few simple yet important best practices in the clinical space, healthcare providers and other clinic staff can ensure a safe, supportive experience for queer folks. In this workshop, you will learn ways to modify the practices in your healthcare spaces to be more LGBTQ+-friendly, helping to make both staff and patients more comfortable.

    Racial Microaggressions in Sex Ed, with Jaymie Campbell, MA, MEd & Shannon Criniti, PhD, MPH

    In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the phenomenon of implicit racial bias, also known as microaggressions, in sexuality education. This workshop is designed for educators seeking to initiate conversations about race and begin incorporating anti-racist teaching tools in their educational settings. Using lecture, media, and experiential activities, the facilitators will guide participants into deeper awareness of racial microaggressions.

    AMP!: Using Arts-Based Approaches to Enhance School-based Sexual Health Education, with Robert Gordon, MA, Alexandra Lightfoot, PhD, & Veline Mojarro, BA

    This workshop is an experiential introduction to the AMP! model, an arts-based approach to sexual education that uses humor, storytelling, and theatre to facilitate dialogue with adolescents about their health. The program is in its sixth year of creating content to augment the state curriculum in California and North Carolina.

    Clinical Symposium
    The clinical symosium is geared towards health care providers, clinicians, and counselors. Participants will hear from various providers on new practices ranging from using sexual histories more effectivley to discussing sexuality after child birth and much more.

    • A Collaborative Approach to Treating the Pelvic Floor, with Courtney Geter, LMFT, CST & Jaclyn Brandt, DPT, CLT
    • Human Sexuality for Counselors-in-Training Questions, Secrets/Fantasies: What Should We Be Teaching? with Joel Diambra, EdD, LPC-MHSP-ACS, NCC & Brittany Pollard, PhD
    • Incorporating Sexual Medicine Into Your Busy Practice, with Nancy Phillips, MD
    • Revitalizing Sexuality After Childbirth, with Cora Huitt, DPT, BCB-PMD & Casey Smith, PT, DPT, CSCS
    • Stop Taking Sexual Histories (and Start Using Them), with Carlos Romero, MBA
    • Unconscious Bias and its Impact on Black Adolescent Female Patients, with Kimberly Huggins, MPH & Brittany Brathwaite, MSW, MPH
    • Working With Kinky Patients, with Patsy Evans, PhD, LMHC, DOM


    Get Out: Navigating Privilege and Other Complexities in 21st-Century Relationships, with Leah Dirkse & LaQuisha Anthony

    Through the examination of scenes depicted in the film Get Out, participants will analyze how privilege can impact the balance of power in relationships and complicate the process of ‘getting out.’ The film’s depiction of micro-aggressions will be examined to show how warning signs of abuse have been normalized as appropriate behavior which can delay response in ending harmful relationships. Complexities which will be examined include normalizations, privilege and role reversal.

    Hot Off The Press: 25 Great Lessons Plan about Sexual Orientation, with Terri Clark, MPH, Tracie Gilbert, MEd, MSEd, & Karen Rayne, PhD

    This highly interactive workshop will provide an inside peek to a number of lesson plans from the CSE’s newest teaching manual. In this session, we will understand different approaches and methods for teaching about sexual orientation that build on existing expertise and provide new tools for sexuality educators.

    Past to Future: Creating a Life-Long Career in Sexuality Education, with Michael McGee, PhD, AASECT, Debra Haffner, DMin, MPH, AASECT, Pam Wilson, MSW, & Mary Jo Podgurski, RNC, MA, EdD

    Four sexuality educators who have worked in the field for decades offer insights on creating a lifelong career and how to do the work through troubling times. This interactive workshop will use small and large group discussion to engage participants in considering strategies for building a long-term career in sexuality education and advocacy.

    Project Parent: Preparing Parents to be Their Child’s Sex Educator, with Lin Jovanovic, PhD

    This workshop introduces a novel approach to parent preparation to become sex and relationship educators. Through a 9 step program, areas such as personal history, values, and communication styles are explored. Workshop attendees will be introduced to the method and have opportunities to practice exercises to be used with parents.

    Training, Teaching, and Talking “Taboo”, with Brittany Broaddus-Smith, MSW, LSW

    This is a “game night” style sexuality education workshop. Participants will be immersed into the experience of learning sexuality concepts as well as facilitating discussions around sexuality taboos, all while playing modified mainstream board games. Each clue/topic has been carefully curated with a sexuality twist.

    It’s Not “Taken”: Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, with Nadine Finigan-Carr

    When most people hear “human trafficking”, they think of the movie, Taken, or foreign nationals smuggled into the US. However, multiple cases of domestic human trafficking have been reported in all 50 states. There are numerous risk factors which include any set of experiences that may lead to increased emotional or physical vulnerability. There is an urgent need to equip professionals and youth-serving organizations with the knowledge and skills to respond to this often overlooked issue. This workshop introduces participants to domestic minor sex trafficking and its impact on the health and well-being of adolescents and transitional aged youth. Participants will explore factors that place young people at risk and common methods used by traffickers to control and exploit. Using interactive techniques, presenters will prepare attendees with useful tools for identifying potential trafficking cases and meeting the unique needs of survivors.

    What about Boys? with Yuri Ohlrichs

    A workshop on how to facilitate sex ed focusing on specfic needs for adolescent boys and young men. Focusing on shifting thoughts about masculinity, debunking popular myths about male sexuality and challenging male peer pressure. Often boys and young men do not feel acknowledged in the current Sex Ed curricula; too often they are portrayed in a stereotypical, aggressive way driven by the need for frequent sex. This workshop illustrates how boys, men, girls, women and all other gender could work together changing sexual and gender stereotypes to the sexual and reproductive health and other benefits for all.


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