Thursday, December 7th – 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

  • #MEMEsAndTeenDatingViolence, with Omara Cardoza, MA & Archeline Pierrilus

    This interactive workshop will give students the skills needed to identify the elements of a successful romantic relationship, as well as recognize characteristics of dating abuse in adolescence. Memes will be used as examples to identify the 8 sections of abuse of the Power & Control wheel.

    “Gay people can’t get pregnant”: Addressing the Sex Ed Needs of LGBTQ+ Pregnant and Parenting Teens, with Brittany Batell, MPH, MSW

    This workshop will 1) review structural factors that put LGBTQ+ youth youth at greater risk for unintended pregnancy, 2) examine opportunities for more inclusive and affirming sex education in schools, communities, and health service agencies, and 3) provide concrete skills and practice opportunities to enhance sex education for these youth.

    One-on-One: Establishing an Individualized Sex Ed Service for People with Developmental Disabilities, with Isabella Weber & Catherine Dukes, PhD

    Interested in offering a one-on-one education service for clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities? This interactive workshop will help you assess your organization’s capacity for offering individual education, and offer strategies, lesson plans and troubleshooting for implementing such a program.

    Let’s Talk About Touch!, with Stephanie Chando, MSW, LSW, MEd & Terri Clark, MPH

    This workshop will include interactive discussions and activities empowering educators to move beyond the basics of touch. The presenters will include information on how to communicate with partner(s) about skin hunger needs. Discussion will include diverse case studies to thoroughly explore issues related to risk reduction/prevention, consent, and pleasure.

    More Than Pronouns: How to Create LGBTQ-Inclusive Programs (And Keep Them That Way!), with Ash Philliber, PhD

    During this workshop, we will work together to discover where we can use inclusive language including names, pronouns, gender, sex, sexual orientation, and sexual behavior. We will discuss such issues as using the words “other” and “queer” and establish how to have youth help build inclusive programs.

    Queering Up Sex Ed: An Intersectional Approach to Including LGBTQ issues in Sexual Health Education, with Rebecca Mui, MSEd & Noreen Giga, MPH

    We will present findings on the experiences of LGBTQ students and LGBTQ Students of Color from GLSEN’s national research, along with suggestions for using this data to advocate for inclusive sexual education. Participants will use GLSEN’s LGBTQ-inclusive Guidelines to practice implementation framed by videos of students with multiple marginalized identities.

    Reproductive Justice: More Than Abortion, with Dianne Browne, PhD, CFLE, AASECT CSE

    This is an interactive workshop. Participants will engage in activities to gain a better understanding of the reproductive justice movement, examine the variety of topics impacted by reproductive injustice, compare and contrast intersectionality and white privilege, and analyze the importance of reproductive justice as a topic in human sexuality education.

    Sex Ed Goes Greek, with Drew Kerwood, MEd

    Learn more about Fraternity and Sorority organizations, what they are doing already to help educate their members address issues like sexual assault and hazing on campus, what else is needed, and how we, as sex educators, can get involved and support these efforts.

    Sex in Translation: The Challenges and Opportunities of Translating Sex Ed Material into Spanish, with Allison Moon & Lorena Olvera-Moreno, MEd

    Translating existing sex-education material presents many opportunities and challenges for educators. Learn from the victories and mistakes of author Allison Moon and translator Lorena Olvera-Moreno as they discuss the politics, conceptual challenges, and social justice issues they dealt with while translating Girl Sex 101 into Sexo Entre Mujeres.

    Sexy Graphics: Your Debut into Sex Ed Graphic Design, with Norah Langweiler, MEd, MSW

    Communicating with images is as ancient as sexuality, and visual language is the most universal tongue we speak. This workshop will cover the basic tenets of graphic design, working with a designer, and creating your own images. Participants will receive a compilation of high quality, free resources for graphic design elements including stock photos, icons, and fonts.

    Sexuality Education Wheel of Context: A Tool for Sexuality Educators, Advocates and Researchers, with Sara Nasserzadeh

    The Wheel of Context for Sexuality Education was created as a practical framework to ensure that educators, advocates, and researchers in the field of sexuality education maintain a holistic perspective on a selected number of key contextual factors that may influence, hinder or catalyze our work. It can be used as a medium to facilitate dialogue among stakeholders, create solutions out of conflicting ideas and a measure to deepen our understanding of the root causes of unforeseen barriers and resistance that we may face.


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