Thursday, December 7th – 10:00 – 11:00 AM

  • At the Intersection of Black & Brown: Where Do We Go From Here? with Stephanie Zapata

    This workshop is intended for youth service providers & educators & will be co-facilitated by youth educators.Through the use of a survey distributed to NYC youth we will address the ways that anti-blackness & racism affect the types of sex education that Black & Latinx youth receive. We will lead a brief discussion on the intersections of race/ethnicity, and the history of their construction, in order to push for the incorporation of racial equity in sex education.

    Don’t be Insecure: Personal Safety and Security Best Practices for Sex Educators, with Michael Perelman, CPP, MS & Ali Glaser, MSW, CSE

    This engaging and unique workshop will explore sex educators’ risk for encountering violence and will provide strategies and best practices for reducing one’s risk. Participants will gain an understanding of laws designed for their protection and learn effective personal safety tips. This workshop will include an interactive discussion of best practices and security policies that can be easily implemented in your agency.

    Emojination: Using Tech to Drive Human-Centered Sex Education, with Corbin Knight-Dixon, MS

    Emojis, GIFs, and memes are all novel forms of digital communication, but how can sex educators harness trending tools to promote innovative thinking among their participants? During this interactive workshop, providers will explore the relationship between technology and human-centered design as well as strategies to take back into their own practice.


    Penis Diversity Inclusion: A Call to Action, with Catherine Dukes, PhD & Sarah Gannon, MEd

    Rates of circumcision in infants in the U.S. are declining, but education about intact penises is still left out of sex ed. This workshop discusses foreskin, normalizing intact penises and creative strategies for inclusive teaching. Time devoted for creative crafting time of foreskins & intact penises. Foreskin crochet pattern included.

    Sexuality and Incarceration, with Jill McCracken, PhD & Brittany Foster

    This workshop presents our work as SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Project) Behind Bars with women who have prostitution, trafficking, or other related charges at jails and prisons throughout the United States. We provide information on communicating with sex workers as well as training regarding the specific challenges they face. We emphasize building community and creating knowledge with marginalized communities.

    Strengths-Based Leadership for Sex Educators, Susan Washinger, MEd

    Sex-positive educators can be great strengths-based leaders! This workshop will explore how we can apply a strengths-based foundation to our leadership roles. From dealing with the employee that never completes their paperwork to cooperating with the community antagonist – learn how to apply a strengths-based approach in the workplace and community.

    Toward Making Sex Ed Gender-Expansive, with Julia Stern, MA

    Making Sex Ed Gender-Inclusive is an introductory workshop for all sexual health service providers interested in learning how to adjust gendered and body-specific language to be inclusive of all transgender and gender non-conforming (young) people.

    What do you Mean? Definitions in Sexuality Education, with Shadeen Francis, MFT, MS & Karen Rayne, PhD

    Sexuality, sexual health, monogamy… How do we ensure we are on the same page? There are many words that are used in learning groups without clear, community-relevant definitions. Although well-intentioned, we often alienate our participants when we use definitions that are poorly understood or do not apply. In this session, we will explore how language (specifically in-community definitions) can be a useful tool when considering inclusion, knowledge, and social equity in sex education.

    Five Things Your Mom Didn’t Tell You About Youth Engagement, with Victoria Terry, MPH & Lori Tesauro, CTTS

    Even the best facilitators struggle with youth engagement. From increasing participation and response rates to keeping youth focused during an education session, youth engagement can sometimes pose challenging. This workshop will provide educators with the skills necessary to keep youth active and engaged even with boring topics.

    Nudie Mags & Stag Films: The Impact of Incorporating Archival Material Into Your Teaching, with Molly Wolf, MS, MEd

    Incorporating archival documents/primary sources into your teaching can have a positive impact of student learning and critical thinking. This workshop will detail the ways in which archival documents/primary sources can impact student learning and provide participants with strategies for how to incorporate archival documents/primary sources into their own teaching.

    Sexuality Education in Europe and Central Asia: Recent Developments and Current Status, with Evert Ketting

    Interested in the realities of sex education in European countries? This workshop will provide a systematic overview of the latest state of affairs in sexed in 25 countries. It will provide opportunities for you to look at which lessons learnt in Europe could be useful for improving sexed in the US. Topics addressed include (among others): Which countries have laws requiring sexed in schools?; where are sexed programs really comprehensive?; which topics are addressed in sexed in Europe?; does school sexed lead to earlier initiation of sexual activity?; and, does sexed influence teenage pregnancy rates and how? The information is based on new research.

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