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    $15,000 Paperback Copies
    $7,500 eBook Distribution
    Want to support the attendees of and the National Sex Ed Conference in a major way? The Center for Sex Education will provide a set of Teaching Safer Sex to every registrant!

    A bookmark will be produced and placed in the book (for the paperback) or in the conference bag (for the eBook) highlighting your company’s generosity and gift.


    Paperback Distribution: “Teaching Safer Sex is a welcome collection of lessons that skillfully combine the fundamentals of safer sex education with the bold inclusion of relevant, timely, nuanced topics not found in existing teaching and learning materials. Thanks for filling the gaps in the conventional wisdom of contemporary, comprehensive safer sex education. We expect nothing less from the trailblazing team at the Center for Family Life Education!”


    Maria Bakaroudis, MA, CSE, PhD (c)
    International Sexuality Educator &
    United Nations Consultant

    HIGISE-cover-200x300eBook Distribution: “One of my favorite conversations with anyone who is even closely related to the field of sexuality education is to hear their story on how they actually got into ‘sex ed.’ We each have our own story, and there are very few repetitions because it is such a personal journey. This tome is that personal voyage reminding the reader of the passions, joys, and challenges of why we are in the exciting field of sex ed.”

    Konnie McCaffree
    President, American Association of Sexuality, Educators, Counselors and Therapists




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