Program Advertisements

  • Sponsorship range: $500 – $2,000

    Catch the eye of conference participants with an ad in the full color program book. Approximately 800 attendees will use the official conference program,reviewing it regularly for conference details. Many participants keeps their programs for the year, referring back to it regularly as resource

    Back Cover: $2000

    10.5” vertical x 8” horizontal (highest visibility in program)

    Inside Front or Inside Back Cover: $1,500

    10.5” vertical x 8” horizontal (high visibility)

    Full Page: $1000

    10.5” vertical x 8” horizontal

    Half-Page: $600

    5” vertical x 8” horizontal

    Quarter-Page: $500

    5” vertical x 4” horizontal

    Instructions for Ad Preparation

    Submission Deadline: Wednesday, November 8th
    All files must be submitted digitally as high resolution (300 dpi) PDf, JPG, TIFF, or EPS
    files. Send to

    Digital files must include all graphics and fonts used (including fonts that appear in EPS graphics like logos created in Illustrator). For fonts, please include both PostScript files (printer fonts) and bitmap files (screen fonts).

    All files must be CMYK without additional spot colors. Please check to make sure your graphics that may have been created with spot colors have been converted to CMYK before being imported.

    Please note: Images downloaded from the internet are not acceptable as their resolution is 72 dpi and, for print purposes, all images must be a minimum of 300 dpi.

    Media: Electronic ad files can be submitted as email attachments, and they must be smaller than 10 megabytes in size.

    Send email to

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