• Our conference has grown from a local event to North America’s premier training forum for sexuality educators. As always, the conference will feature the leading experts from across the globe on sexuality education.

    The location or the topics aren’t set for 2017, but we know the dates! Save December 6th – 9th, 2017 on your calendars! We’re going to have another amazing conference!

    Last year we focused on advances in HIV treatment, human rights, and more. Our keynote speakers included Dr. James Wadley, the founding editor of the scholarly, interdisciplinary journal, the Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships, and Jaclyn Friedman, creator of the book Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape.

    Our 2016 video isn’t ready yet, but our 2015 conference video is amazing! Watch here:

    The National Sex Ed Conference Video!

    As you can imagine, events like this cannot succeed without collaborative effort, responsive sexuality industry support, and committed individuals.

    There are wonderful opportunities that fit various budgets and marketing expectations. I hope that you will continue your support – and perhaps increase it – with one or more of the opportunities that will help you get your brand conference-wide exposure.

    A final word: I know many of our sponsors are motivated by a genuine desire for philanthropy, and in addition to our regular sponsorship offerings, consider our “Pay It Forward” scholarship program. The scholarship covers the costs of students and professionals without means who would otherwise be unable to attend.

    If you have any questions about the conference or sponsorship, please don’t hesitate to contact us at cse@ppgnnj.org!

    • Bag Inserts: Get the word out about your services and offers! Send us 800 copies of your brochure, flyer, post card, etc., and in the conference bag they go for delivery to every conference participant.
    • Banners: The National Sex Ed Conference is happy to prominently display your company or organizational pop-up banner.
    • Conference Program Advertisements: Reach all conference participants by placing an ad in the full-color conference program.
    • Exhibits: Between conference sessions and before and after meals, conference participants pass through the exhibit space. Exhibitors enjoy a table with tablecloth and chairs. Exhibitors receive half-priced registration if they would like to attend the conference talks and workshops.
    • Lanyard Sponsor: Coveted real estate for any important brand! Conference participants will be wearing lanyards around their neck for the entire conference. Your company name and logo can be featured on the lanyard. Depending on the amount of Lanyard Sponsorships sold, your logo may be paired with one of sponsors logo.
    • Mobile App Sponsorship: Last year the Conference leaped forward in technology, and developed a program app! We will be using it again (and still printing, don’t worry!). Want to help keep sex ed technologically current? Let us know!
    • Pre-Session Slide Deck (10 spots available!): Your company will have up to 3 slides in a rotating deck that will be projected before and after each keynote and during meals.
    • Resource Sponsor: Distribution of a hardback copy or eBook of How I Got Into Sex… Ed or Great Mentoring to all conference participants. A bookmark will be produced and placed in the book highlighting your company’s generosity and gift. This resource will be an invaluable addition to every sex educator’s bookshelf.
    • Scholarship Sponsor: Scholarship Sponsors can support a single registration fee, or a block of 5 or 10 registrations. Scholarship recipients “Pay It Forward” by donating their time at the conference, helping with registration, workshop moderation, etc.
    • Sponsorship Packages: Interested in everything, but can’t quite figure it out which combination of ideas works best for you, and your budget? Check out some things we have here, and we’re always open to suggestions!


    Support comprehensive sexuality education. Support the Center for Sex Education. Let people know about your organization, products, and services!


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    between the Hotel and the Sponsor.

    Please have tracking information for all packages. We will follow up a week prior to the
    conference with a reminder on shipping information, which will ask for quantity of packages and tracking information.

    The Center is not responsible for the Hotel’s storage.

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    Include return labels and postage for your convenience; a business center/printer is not guaranteed.

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