Roundtables 2017

  • “I’ll Have a Side of Sex Education”: Exploring Elements of a Parent Sexuality Education Program, with Shannon Phelps, MA, CHES

    Bye-Bye Binary: Inclusive and Affirming Secondary Health Education, with Emily Owens-Edington, MS, CHES

    Envisioning a New Edition of Older, Wiser, Sexually Smarter, with Pam Wilson, MSW

    An Abortion-Positive Framework to Affirm Pro-Choice Belief, with Rebecca Chalker

    An Introduction to Trauma-Informed Healthy Sexuality Education, with Elise Berrier

    Chaos in Conversations, with Caswell Smith, BS, & Shaylin Cox

    Exploring Sexual Consent: Practicing Emotional Awareness and Communication Tools, with Amanda Ferrandino, MSc

    Facilitating Positive Conversations with Parents in Support of a Campus Sexuality Education Program, with Tiffani Kocsis, EdD

    Foremost in Our Minds?: Accessibility Approaches & The Sexuality Professional, with Melissa Digioia, CSE & Jarret Allende, MHA, CHES

    Get a Feel for Contraceptives, with Mandy Johnson

    Get Out! Addressing Youth Precipitating Factors Using a Trauma-Informed Approach, with  Sombo Pujeh, MPH

    Getting Rid of Compulsive Reprosexuality in Sex Ed, with Christopher Culp, MM MA

    I’m So Sick and Tired of the Photoshop: An Approach to Teaching About Media Literacy and Self-Esteem, with Sheree Anderson

    Let’s talk about sex education, yes! Birth to 5, hmm… with Dianne Browne, PhD, CFLE, AASECT CSE

    Military Disability and Sexuality, with Cherisse Bennett

    Organizing Your Busy Life with Bullet Journaling: Lessons Learned During My Sex Ed Sabbatical, with Ruth Fontilla, MEd

    Pornography: Conversing with Youth About Porn, with Ruthie Kolb

    Redefining Sex Ed: Self-Expression and Human Connection, with Roni Wiener

    Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Sexual Health and Future Success, with Nichole Fisher & Nikishia Morgan, MSW, LMSW

    Sex Prep: Creating Physical Comfort Before Sex; The Missing Piece in Sexual and Clinical Education, with Susan Ramsey, PT, MA

    Sexting, Selfies + Sites: How Technology + Media Have Become the Sex Educators of Generation Z, with Sarah Dahlston, MS, CHES

    Sexuality Activism: Strategic and Intentional Community Engagement, with James Wadley

    Snags, Snafus, and Creative Solutions: The Power of a Diverse Think Engine, with Judith Steinhart, EdD

    Start Early & Include All: Reaching Underserved Student Populations, with Wendy Sellers, RN, MA

    StartUp to Sex Ed: Strategies for Product Development From the Tech World, with Elise Schuster, MPH & Amelia Holstrom, MPH

    Supporting Sexuality Education through Peer Leadership, Youth Development, and Capacity Building, with Catherine Nti, MEd

    The Male-Factor, with Lawrence Burden & Tyrone Potts, MS

    The Reverse Gentrification of “At Risk” Populations, with Gabrielle Martinez

    What Does Sex Mean to You?: Creating Empowering Workshops, with Sarah McMurchie, MEd

    WHY Won’t You Teach Us …What we REALLY need to know? with Barbara Thomas, MEd, CSE, CSES, JSOC

    Youth-Centered Health Design: A Creative Approach to Developing Sex Ed Programs With and for Youth, with Molly Pilloton, MPH

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