Roundtables 2017

  • Attitudes Toward and Processes of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Turkey , with Rayka Kumru, MA, MS

    “I’ll Have a Side of Sex Education”: Exploring Elements of a Parent Sexuality Education Program, with Shannon Phelps, MA, CHES

    Bye-Bye Binary: Inclusive and Affirming Secondary Health Education, with Emily Owens-Edington, MS, CHES

    Envisioning a New Edition of Older, Wiser, Sexually Smarter, with Pam Wilson, MSW

    An Abortion-Positive Framework to Affirm Pro-Choice Belief, with Rebecca Chalker

    An Introduction to Trauma-Informed Healthy Sexuality Education, with Elise Berrier

    Chaos in Conversations, with Caswell Smith, BS, & Shaylin Cox

    Exploring Sexual Consent: Practicing Emotional Awareness and Communication Tools, with Amanda Ferrandino, MSc

    Foremost in Our Minds?: Accessibility Approaches & The Sexuality Professional, with Melissa Digioia, CSE & Jarret Allende, MHA, CHES

    Get a Feel for Contraceptives, with Mandy Johnson

    Get Out! Addressing Youth Precipitating Factors Using a Trauma-Informed Approach, with  Sombo Pujeh, MPH

    Getting Rid of Compulsive Reprosexuality in Sex Ed, with Christopher Culp, MM MA

    Historical Overview of Sex Education in India: From Pleasure-Based to Harm-Reduction, with Sabitha Pillai-Friedman, PhD, LCSW, CST

    I’m So Sick and Tired of the Photoshop: An Approach to Teaching About Media Literacy and Self-Esteem, with Sheree Anderson

    Let’s talk about sex education, yes! Birth to 5, hmm… with Dianne Browne, PhD, CFLE, AASECT CSE

    Military Disability and Sexuality, with Cherisse Bennett

    Nigeria: Sex Under the Influence, with Victor Ogbodo

    Nigeria: Storytelling and Sexuality Education: The Impact on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Rights, with William Rashidi, MPH

    Organizing Your Busy Life with Bullet Journaling: Lessons Learned During My Sex Ed Sabbatical, with Ruth Fontilla, MEd

    Pornography: Conversing with Youth About Porn, with Ruthie Kolb

    Redefining Sex Ed: Self-Expression and Human Connection, with Roni Wiener

    Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Sexual Health and Future Success, with Nichole Fisher & Nikishia Morgan, MSW, LMSW

    Sex Education in Comics: A Light Medium for Heavy Issues, Finland, with Tommi Paalanen, DSS

    Sex Prep: Creating Physical Comfort Before Sex; The Missing Piece in Sexual and Clinical Education, with Susan Ramsey, PT, MA

    Sexuality Education within Middle East and North Africa: An Overview, with Sara Nasserzadeh, PhD DipPST

    Sexting, Selfies + Sites: How Technology + Media Have Become the Sex Educators of Generation Z, with Sarah Dahlston, MS, CHES

    Sexuality Activism: Strategic and Intentional Community Engagement, with James Wadley

    Sexuality Education in Europe and Central Asia: Recent Developments and Current Status, with Evert Ketting, PhD

    Sexuality Education in Spain, with Eva González, PhD

    Snags, Snafus, and Creative Solutions: The Power of a Diverse Think Engine, with Judith Steinhart, EdD

    Social Exclusion and Sexual Objectification of Men Among Women in Kosovo, with Islam Bornica, MA

    Start Early & Include All: Reaching Underserved Student Populations, with Wendy Sellers, RN, MA

    StartUp to Sex Ed: Strategies for Product Development From the Tech World, with Elise Schuster, MPH & Amelia Holstrom, MPH

    Supporting Sexuality Education through Peer Leadership, Youth Development, and Capacity Building, with Catherine Nti, MEd

    “Tell us when to have sex, not just “don’t have sex””: Adolescents’ needs for sexuality education in a semi-urban district, South-western Nigeria, with Chidimma B. Aham-Chiabuotu

    The Male-Factor, with Lawrence Burden & Tyrone Potts, MS

    The Reverse Gentrification of “At Risk” Populations, with Gabrielle Martinez

    Understanding the sexual diversity verses comprehensive sexuality Education in Kenya, with Daniel Peter Olwango & Abdussalem Kassim

    What Does Sex Mean to You?: Creating Empowering Workshops, with Sarah McMurchie, MEd

    WHY Won’t You Teach Us …What we REALLY need to know? with Barbara Thomas, MEd, CSE, CSES, JSOC

    Youth-Centered Health Design: A Creative Approach to Developing Sex Ed Programs With and for Youth, with Molly Pilloton, MPH

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