25 Years of Streetwise to Sex-Wise: Lessons Learned On the Road to the NEW Third Edition


    In 1990, Steve Brown was a 28-year-old newbie sex educator at The Center for Family Life Education when he naïvely said to himself, “maybe I’ll write a book about sex ed for high-risk kids.” Little did he know that, over 25 years later, Streetwise to Sexwise: Sexuality Education for High Risk Youth would still be one of the most commonly used sex ed curricula – implemented around the world, and described as “my first dog-eared bible” by sex educators across the US. He is still amazed by the widespread use and impact of the work, and delighted that a third edition is coming out!

    Known for its comprehensive series of lessons and engaging sex-positive approach, the NEW Streetwise has many new additions including expanded information on commercial sexual exploitation, consent, gender identity, pornography, and trauma. It also includes a brand new series of training modules to help staff at agencies serving high-risk youth become comfortable and skilled at the program’s implementation.

    This keynote will trace the history of Streetwise and use the curriculum and its evolution as a lens to reflect on lessons learned about the field of sexuality education in the last two-plus decades. It will examine the unique learning needs of high-risk youth, explore new content, and model new activities. Participants will leave with a weblink for some free downloads.

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