Nonnie Talks about Life and Living: Presenting Challenging Topics to Children

Children listen; adult silence can lead to poor adult/child connection. Often challenging topics like death, birth, race, sex and gender are avoided by adults. This interactive workshop addresses adult/child communication when the topic is an ‘elephant in the living room’. This workshop will provide practical ways sexuality educators can expand their practice. Dr. Podgurski has […]

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Sex Education Through Drama: Using participatory theater as a tool for sexuality education

Shake up boring sexuality lessons. This workshop will engage participants in the marvelous world of Participatory Theater. This session will examine most applicable theatrical intervention for sexuality education and for working with LGBTQ communities. Participants will learn participatory theater techniques to use in their lessons.

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Boldly Go! Exploring Sexuality Education in the Star Trek Universe

Join us for this sexual enterprise, co-presented by Susan Wright, author of many Star Trek novels, including the first one to introduce gay characters into Star Trek canon, and Bill Taverner, sexuality educator and longtime Trekkie. We will go where no one has gone before, exploring the final frontier: sexuality and education opportunities within the […]

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Beyond Desire

We begin with the science of sexual response like you’ve never heard it before, and then blow away five myths about women’s sexuality. When does a woman’s desire for sex start? (Way sooner than you think.) What happens to her body when she’s turned on? (Nothing in particular.) What kind of sensations are erotic? (In […]

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