• The CFLE’s National Sex Ed Conference is the largest gathering of sexuality educators in the world! We draw on the expertise of educators from across the United States and internationally to support continuing education for sexuality educators from a wide range of fields: from nursing to collage teachers to Planned Parenthood educators and beyond!

    The 2014 conference will be held in Meadowlands, NJ from December 3 – 5th.

    This year’s co-chairs hold the following vision:

    The world of sexuality education is an exciting area to work, study, and innovate! Each conference allows us to bring together a community of sex educators that inspire one another and provide a platform to remain at the cutting edge of the field. As we begin to plan for the 2014 National Sex Ed Conference, our focus is to remain adaptable, motivated and responsive to the needs of sexuality educators and our learners.

    Tanya Bass, MS, CHES and Karen Rayne, Ph.D.
    2014 National Sex Ed Conference Co-Chairs

    We are currently accepting workshop proposals and Sex Eddie designs (for free conference registration!)